Friday, May 22, 2009

Show us where you live Friday....Dining Room Edition

So, here we are again.....Kellys Korner is doing more of Show us where you live Friday. I love this week so I hope you will enjoy the tour!

Welcome to my dining room previous EBay shipping and receiving as said by DH.

I am so glad this week is dining room as I really hated showing my spare room, or called a F.R.O.G. in the South . You can see that post here.

I will add that my comments come before the picture incase you are confused. Not sure if most do this or not but it makes sense to me. Off we go!

The most boring view so posting it first since you've seen my kitchen, or should have. This is the view from the kitchen.

So, here is a view from my front door. It's behind me and I'm looking into the right side. Remember my Foyer when you saw my den?

This is to the right. I will add, that when we first moved in, ALL the walls were white boring. I first painted the walls (or the uppers-the bottom is all white and moulding, nice.) a yellow but didn't like it always wanted a red room so repainted it a red, Chinese Red, to be exact. I LOVE it! Although it was hard to paint and isn't perfect, I like it.

Dramatic. Me. But in a good way.
I also feel the need to add that my chairs are not matching...well, not all of them. In fact, the table and 6 chairs came from the side of the road. That's right. Side. Of. The. Road. AND it was broken all up and in pieces.
My mom passed it, stopped, and asked the people who lived in the house if they wanted it. 'NO!' Apparently there was a domestic situation and the man smashed every piece. (Sad).
Another mans' trash is MY treasure.
I had it fixed and redone and here you go. I also just recently redid the fabric in the seats. Previously, they were an OLD outdatedpattern. Ugh.
Sorry to ramble but wanted to give you hope that trash=treasure and not everything needs to be new or matching! Have fun w/ it!

And I thought I would give you a close of to one of my husband's 'awards' from recent. He got this bowl for his 20 year service award celebration the other month. It's Waterford crystal ad came with a mahogany stand. First, who gives a male something like this!? But, secondly, we've come to appreciate it and I felt I had to display it and am glad I did. Like it? It's sitting under that big (red) mirror above-and I put a candle in it but just for this picture.

This is from the opposite corner and you can see the kitchen through the door frame. Start noticing all the animal print. It's my fav!!!

This view is kind of from the kitchen but just inside the dining room. This is a view of my grandmothers china cabinet, passed down to me. I LOVE it and once I move it (it's been moved only a handful of times since being passed), I leave it--and it's contents. The china inside was also hers with a few peices of my moms. My mom prized possession. And ignore the bouncy seat in the back ground.....I couldn't get rid of all the baby items! Heehee

This view is from the kitchen to the left. It's of my buffet that I love.

And I also love the mirror above it.

So, here you can see my always set dining room table. I recently updated my table runner during Christmas, the placemats, and napkins and mixed up my patterns some. Do you like it?

And here's a close up of my place settings. I like different combinations of things and most of my stuff doesn't match so keep that in mind.

You can't see it but the napkin rings are sterling and have a small "A" engraved on them. They were my grandmothers also and I use them since they match my married last name. Can we say nostalgic!?!

And because I loved my dining room at Christmas, I decided to include a few from then. We decided to have a Christmas party this past year. No clue why as if we didn't have anything else going on. That time of year is crazy for us, even outside of the holidays. My daughters bday is 12/20 and my son's is 1/31 so we're in the midst of planning birthdays as well as getting ready for Christmas.

Anyhoo--here you go. Some with flash and some without.

And I went all out this year....I had a tree almost in every room.

And I had to include the last one, even though it isn't Christmas totally. It was taken right before our Thanksgiving dinner. And yes, those are ornaments hanging already above my table. I just couldn't wait to try that idea I saw somewhere.

Well, I hope you have once again enjoyed your tour. I enjoyed showing you my dining room and can't wait to see yours and to show the next room of my house. I'll be sad we this comes to an end though.

Until next time.......


Alphabet Soup Momma said...

Love the red! And you decorate beautifully for the holidays!

Ellen said...

I love the red walls. Your dining room should be in a magazine!

Tara G. said...

Ok, your blog photo is so cute! I love that cabinet and here you are another one who can do the animal prints! Type A girl may start looking for something near my comfort zone! Love it!

Jessica said...

Great room! Love the decor!
And I want the animal print place mats..where did you find those adorable things????

Lakeshore Cottage Living said...

Just beautiful!

Reid said...

Thanks ladies!!! And Jessica, the placemats came from Steinmart. Do you have them near you? LOVE that place and LOVE animal print. They were like $3-$4 each, not bad.

Susan (Between Naps On The said...

Oh my goodness, you were right...our dining rooms are twins! And they are entering in their best time of the year...Christmas! :-) YAY for red walls and lots of sparkle! I love your mirror, btw...gorgeous!