Sunday, May 17, 2009

Show us where you live Friday....or Sunday

Yes, I am late...why you ask?
Well, I was out of town on Friday and although Ihad already done my kids' room post, I understood there was a change. No biggie but here is my sorry excuse for a spare bedroom. I will say, though, that it won't be a 'spare' for long as you will see progress pictures at the end of how we are transforming it into a bedroom for my step son. By which, we had to add a bathroom. More on that later.

Off we go......

Our spare room is our FROG. Know what that is or is it a Southern thing?
It is a Funished Room Over Garage. We call it a FROG. Odd huh?

This is what the room used to look like. It was taken about 5 years ago right after we moved in and got settled. Behind that screen is out cat box. Cleaver huh?

This is the other side of the room. The couch came from His House (like Salvation Army) and is a pull out and is very heavy going to be a PAIN to get out of there when it's time .

The chairs (I have two just alike) also came from His House and they are (slip) covered in white denim. Seems unpractical huh? Not really since it is slip covers. They actually snap off and wash really well. Clorox is my friend!
This is the view of the computer table, which by the way was my grandparents. It's over 60 years old as it was the first piece of furniture they bought. I love that thing! And ignore the oboxious neon light in the corner. Not sure how DH swung that one by me.....No clue where it is now. Hmmmm.

I am including a few shots of this room decorated for Christmas. It's kind of cheesy though. This was a $10 tree and I mainly just packed it w/ lights so you could see it out of the window. This is our FROG, remember, so this window is really high.

And this is another view of our sad tree.

And this is what the room looked like as we starte rennovations earlier this year. This is the beginning of the new bathroom and this was where the table and PC were set up. See any neon light? Nope. Hmmm....??!

And here is a view of the whole thing. That light isn't staying-it just so they can see in there. I am VERY impressed with DH's handywork and although it's saving us a tone of $ in labor, the project is coming along very SLOWLY!
I'm particularly impressed that he installed this pocket door, and recessed lighting!

And here, the drywall goes up.

And the draywall is finished! This was taken about a month ago and that is they last time they have worked on it. A friend is helping DH and well, he's been preoccupied lately. *sigh*

I should add that when this room is done, it will allow me to split up the two babies so they will ahve their own rooms. I can't wait! It looks like a toy and clothes explosion b/c I don't have enough room for all their stuff. Stay tuned for that episode....

Hope you enjoyed the tour!

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