Thursday, May 7, 2009

Welcome to another episode of Cribs, Anderson style!

Once again, Kelly from Kellys Korner is doing Show us where you live Friday and this weeks' theme is dens! I am excited as I love my den. I showcased my kitchen last week and I really hate my kitchen so I am glad that week is over!

You can see my kitchen here, though.

So, off we go.........

This view is from my foyer, going into the den. The front door is behind me. Ugly light fixture I know...we're in the process of finding new ones for the whole house. You see, we've only been here a short time 5 years, sigh.

Here is a close up of the left side you see in the picture above. I just hung that mirror above the table last December. I couldn't find the 'right one'. Of course, when hubby hung it securely half a$$ it fell right off the wall! Luckily it didn't break but did scratch the table...oh well.

And a reverse view, looking back towards the front door. The opposite side (which I forgot to take pics of) has two palm tree paintings that I love.

I'm standing right on the edge of the foyer now, look up and out into the den. It's hard to see the picture above the door, but it is actually framed iron work design and it's FAB-O, in my opinion!

This view is from one corner of the room and the kitche is behind me. It shows the lights and high ceilings well, I think. And you can see the patio 'party' lights I have on on our porch through the windows and door. Kelly-are we going to be doing any porch or exterior episodes? :)

The foyer is behind me and to the left is the door to the Master Bedroom, you know....where we sleep the magic happens...LOL

The fireplace is behind me in this picture, foyer to the right, and kitchen straight ahead on the left. I desperately want to take most of that wall out so I can see into the den from the kitchen b/c that is where we spend most of our time. Any thoughts? Also, the walls need more artwork (especially if I don't rip that wall out) and something to go on top of that armoire (that we call the 'birdcage'-and you'll see why later.)

Not a great shot, but this is taken from the kitchen/eating area that you saw last week. Door in the upper left leads to our bedroom.

Another view, but closer up, from the kitchen into our den, looking up. I love the high ceilings! And you can't see it because I forgot to take a pitcure of it but to left and up is the railing between bedrooms--allowing you to look over into the den.

Close up of the mantel and fireplace, and of course there is Max and Ruby on the TV. Anyone recognize the epidsode?

And I know I need to frame the print above the mantel but I've been indecisive about how or what to go with. Any suggestions?

Here is a view from our bedroom (door is behind me). There are shelves to the right that I adore and there is a close up coming next. Like the animal print? I LOVE it....

Here is a close up of that wall/shelves I was mentioning above. I stole the idea several years ago from Pottery Barn, and added a few of my own touches. The mirror was my great grandmothers and I just love it. And not sure you can see it but I have some words (or letters) on some of the mats and all the pictures I took myself. :) Also, I am totally addicted to having things w/ the letter 'A' all different places in my house (did you noticed in the kitchen addition).

Here is the birdcage...see why we call it that? The foyer is to the right. When we look at this house, there was a baby grand piano in this corner....

Oh, and you'll notice the ceiling in the upper right. That's a repair that hubby has yet to complete from 4, YES 4!, months ago! At least the leak is fixed, I guess! (that's just plaster up there..he has to sand it down more *sigh*)

Upclose and personal w/ the birdcage. We house alot of family photos in there and photo albums. Like the lamp that is a little Italian man? He's holding a tray with wine glasses on it....Oh, and my monkey sitting on the nesting tables to the him too!

And there are two more 'a's in here two. A silver one by the Italian man and a smaller black one on the bottom. Yes, obsessed.

Now...this is the view from the upstairs balcony. The babies' room is right behind me and the opposite bedroom is currently my step son's but we're in the process of remodeling our FROG to add a bathroom so he can move up there and we'll finally be able to split the babies up! YAY!

WHOOPS!, I should have cropped out the small ridiculously huge toy pile in the corner there. It resides between the den and kitchen (since we're there most of the time) and can get out of control. I did, however, take the other pictures strategically.

Hope you have enjoyed your tour and if anyone has any decorating ideas please feel free to share. can't wait to see which room is next....any idea if we can find out so I can start working on that cleaning that area--I'm going out of town next week and want to be ready for Friday's post! :)


Heather said...

Your living room is so pretty!! You have great style! Thanks for sharing!

Randall @ Happy For This Moment said...

What a great space with those ceilings! I love your floating shelves too.

Anonymous said...

Very nice! I love all the windows, too. The lights above the fireplace add a really nice touch as well.

Amanda - Love This Life

Newlywed Next Door said...

I like the wall color a lot!

Grits414 said...

Thanks all!!!
The wall color is Mannered Golf from Sherwim Williams.
It really doesn't look that dark except at night with the lights on against it. Picture #2 is more like the color you see during the day and most of the evening.
I am still working through seeing everyone's blog

Kristine said...

Thank you for the sweet comment on my blog.

I have to tell you that your family picture is amazing..I love your zebra pillows and after today I am going to have to get some..they seem to be the rage. tell me...where DO you get your antiques?

Hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day with your precious little ones!

Kelley said...

Your living room is absolutely stunning. I love the color and the furniture. Your big mirror is gorgeous too!

Jenn said...

I love your living room! I know I have seen it in person, but it is great to go back and see details. I havent added mine, has kept me too busy and of course play time. Yet again another reason to call you super mom!!

Christy said...

I love your house and stuff. The colors are great too. I'm sure you've heard by now the next room to showcase is the nursery or child's room. Happy cleaning! ;)

Grits414 said...

Thanks again ladies!
And 'YIKES' at the thought of kids rooms/nursery for the next post. I straightened a tad and took pics but nowhere near what I'd like it to look like. *sigh*
And'd be shocked to know that most of my antiques have come from His House. Know it? It's like Salvation Army. I'm a cheapsk8 and like to save a buck or two. It may take time to find the right piece but it's worth it. You'll enjoy seeing my Nursery if you like seeing my den. I either restain or paint the finds from His House. Example, the lamps in my den were found at His House for #10 each and redone. Only a few of my pieces were heirlooms. And want until you see my dining room....side of the road trash transposed into perfection!
If you want to hear some of my tricks and secrets, feel free to email me at
Enjoyed everyone's kitchen....Jenn--just DO IT! :)