Friday, May 1, 2009

Welcome to my Crib.......

So, a blog I follow is doing a 'show us where you live' segment every Friday...which I think is great! I love seeing other ideas for decoration and such. A disclaimer, though, I have two babies messy children who are really Irish Twins. As you can imagine, my life is nuts, but in a good way. So, welcome to my home and enjoy the tour mess .

This is a view of the entire kitchen that I love hate , however we are in need of an upgrade. I actually hate to showcase this room first b/c it's the worse one in my house....well, sort of.
This view is from the dining room looking into the kitchen. To the left is the den. We love our view though..we live in a 'remote' area of S.C. and have woods all behind our house (you can see all the trees through the window). And my DC (Dear Child) is sitting there with her nightly snack, watching'll see more)

Again, DC. Sitting. Watching Dora. Snacking. *sigh*

BUT, this is the view from the porch door (behind me) into the den or living room, depending on your geographical location. Notice my other child on the floor with all his toys mess all around him

PS-I love hate my cabinets but and wish I could get a kitchen makeover.

This is the view from the den, looking into the kitchen. I think I've had a high chair in there for 2 years straight. STRAIGHT. Thankfully, it matches my decor AND a great friend gave it to me (I WOULD link here, but she doesn't blog)

Here come some close ups....(very technical term, are you keeping up?)

This is one of my favorite spots and pictures.

#1-the bottle is lighted and has a picture sticker of our state tree which is the Palmetto Tree. The picture is of my son. It's one of my favorites. You'll notice the matte has 'writting' on it. It's actually notes from people who came to the hospital when he was born. I did this when my daughter was born, loved the idea so much, and did it when he was born. It's a great reflection. I'll post picture of DD's (Dear Daughters) if you want. Just post a comment. Hers has more siggy's on it but that is mainly b/c my son's birth was 6 weeks early unexpected and he most people hadn't had time to come. BUT...I hve to give Kudos to my favorite photographer, Lorien. She's amazing! You can see her work here. She tends to come out of retirement for me and my kids....(I got off task....sorry)

I had to do a close up of this area....why?! Because I LOVE my pattern on my chairs! I LOVE LOVE LOVE animal print! Stay tuned until the dining room showcase....more animal print! But, you will also notice here (double) diaper bag hanging on the chair. I LOVE this bag. Another great friend of mine gave it to me (again, not blogging, so no link and I can't find a link to them...sorry!)

Ok , go back to the first couple of pics.....this is a closer view of my favorite part of my kitchen/eating area. We rarely use this area thought. But this cabinet houses my favorite part of my 'eat in'. In those cabinets are a TON of original Fiesta Ware, given to me by my Grandmother.
This is the detail of the Fiesta Ware......LOVE it!!! And the opposite side houses just the same amount of this....just didn't take a pic of it all....

This is the opposite side with a touch of the toys mess in the bottom left-hand corner.....I Love My Kids!

Here is a close up of the area under the above...I love mis-matched glasses (and anything really..wait until you see the rest of my house--all mismatached! ).
Ok, so here is my Fridge............. Enjoy it. It's not pretty, filled with alot of beverages---Shhhh....
The freezer side......... notice all the homemade baby food!

I took a pic of this because I NEVER, EVER thought I would be 'one of those' that had 'all that stuff' on the fridge ......... But, here I am.
A simple mother of three and a half (I have a step son). A mother of a special needs child (my son has VACATERALS and you can read about that syndrome that here). A mother of wonderful Children. And a wonderful wife........I hope......enjoy !


sportzmom said...

I love the idea of having people sign the matte when they come to visit. Great idea!

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Thanks ladies....I enjoy looking at everyone's pictures....she had a great idea!

Snow White said...

Love the Fiesta Ware!
Thanks for the tour:-)
Snow White

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Love your dining chair fabric...sassy and classy!