Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Well, it is almost time for the holidays--where has the year gone??

I am so terrible at updating my blog but hope to get better (ha!). I don't think many read it...between my updates and pics on Facebook and myspace, probably noone reads this but I'll indulge for a minute.
Things have been going well for us and while Corbett has had several hospital stays since I last updated (THREE to be exact), we've made it through them all and only have one more to go (that is planned, that is). Corbett is amazing and shows me every single day how to be a stronger person and Mommy. To update on him--he's 7 months now and while he isn't quite sitting up on his own, he is holding his own bottle very well and consistently! (big help to Mommy and Daddy). He weighs around 13-14 lbs and really is always watching his big sister as she gets in to her messes. (more on that below) He is finally sleeping through the night which is also a big help to us! We recently got him a Bumbo (never had one for Gracie--but she likes his now too!) and that has helped with his neck muscles! :) And where did his big blue eyes come from!? (I have dark brown and Chuck has green...go figure)

Gracie has continued to learn more and more words...a new one everyday. And is saying sentences even. It's soooo cute and I LOVE this age..but I've said that w/ each one she's been through. It's kind of sad to see my baby girl grow up though. Anyway, she has been enjoying riding on the boat...well, they both have! It's amazing that two babies can spend all day on the boat and not fuss, but we're VERY happy about that part!

We do, however, have a problem with our dog Harley getting out and missing. He's currently missing and we have no idea where he is. Sad, but here's a cute story around that. When he first got missing THIS TIME, we would come home and yell for him (picture standing in the driveway yelling Haaaarrrrlllleyyyy). Ok- so yesterday I get home w/ the babies, and Gracie walks in the driveway (out of the garage) and yells 'Larleyyyyyyy'. adorable. And what a reminder that she's picking up on everything we do and say. I could write forever on the things she's learned to do and say but I won't bore you. She has also figured out she is a 'shoe gir'....she's funny w/ that. When she first meets someone, she looks down at their shoes, then looks up as if to check out their outfit...Hmmmm...WHO does this?! Not me......ha!
(sorry her head is cut off but you get the jist of it...)

Gracie is also a 'little mama' to Corbett. It's cute watching her w/ him and she's now decided she's calling him Bubbie...(she calls her older brother Bubba so maybe that is an extended version..?) We're trying to teach her 'Corbett' but when we say it and point to him, she points and says 'Bubbie'...ok fine--picking our battles. Anyway, she tries to feed him whatever she's eating, gives him bottles and paci's, and if he's crying she tries to go comfort him. It's too cute and I wouldn't trade it for the world. Most everyone I meet or talk to make a 'comment' about how close in age they are...most of the time I guess 'wow, you have your hands full'. You're right-I do! And I would not trade it for anything!!!! It's wonderful and rewarding...tiring at times yes, but great!!!
Little Chuck has been okay too. He's in 7th grade (although should be back in 6th! :( ) now and already struggling w/ schoolwork, homework, and projects. Well, let's say ...struggling w/ the ones he turns in/does! Frustrating, but this year we're letting him be more responsible for his actions and not hand-holding as much. Maybe he'll appreciate all we've done for him with schoolwork over the last 7 years! Again, I digress....He's a good kid and very polite, but needs guideance 24X7, not just the part we do....
He's also enjoyed the boating this summer and has done well w/ his wakeboarding:

Wish us luck on the school!
I am really looking forward to the holidays w/ the babies! I LOVE the holidays as it is, and am excited about sharing this time w/ them. For Halloween, Gracie and Corbett will be Raggedy Ann and Andy! I'll post pics of course...we're entering them in a contest! For Christmas, I have them each a tree for their rooms! Heehee.
That is long already so if you're reading thanks! I'll try to do more updates!