Friday, July 31, 2009

My Wedding - October 20, 2003

It's time for Kelly at Kelly's Korner Show us your Life Friday. Today is wedding party and flowers/ceremony.
I can't wait to show you ours. I missed last week so sneaking a few pictures of my dress in here, but they also show my flowers.

My husband and I eloped. We had been dating and planned a cruise with another couple. The closer the cruise came we started 'joking' about just getting married on the beach before boarding the boat--OR getting married in the Bahamas on the beach (which was too much of a hassle, we found out). So, the plans were set in motion. The only people that knew was the couple that went with us. Not even our families knew. I had made up announcements (we arranged for a reception a few weeks after we got back) that had a picture of the beach and lighthouse (where we got married-it's a local beach so we had visited it before this) and the front said, 'On the beaches of Sullivan's Island, on October 20th...'
Open, and said 'Chuck and Reid got married!'
We got married, then on the way to board the ship, we dropped them off at the post office. We laughed a few days later, saying the phone lines were probably burning up! It was great.
Now, on for the good!
Since it was the beach, I had hubby stand with his back to me and I walked down to him.
Of course he had seen me that day, but hadn't seen my dress, etc. (oh yeah-did I mention I had to change at a local establishment because we rode there together! A hoot!)
And he turns to see me......heart melts.

Happily married couple! Toes in the sand and all.


And here is our wedding party! Ha! Don't you just love the hats!

More of the wedding party.

I present to you....Mr. and Mrs. Anderson

And you know how they take a picture of you boarding the boat....yup, ours was another 'formal' wedding picture. I actually wore my dress around the ship for the first few hours. People congratulated us all night. Then, remembered us most of the week....'aren't you the Bride and Groom'? It was great! I highly recommend eloping!!! It was the best day of my life and I wouldn't have had it any other way.
Thanks for stopping in. Don't forget to go to Kelly's Korner to see more great ideas and pics!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

beaches, dolphins, and sea turtles, oh my!

Sorry I have been MIA!
We took our annual family beach trip last week.
We have been going to Garden City for the last 7 or so years but decided to change up a bit this year and try Edisto. It was a great beach and a busy week! This was the view from our house.
Both Corbett and Gracie enjoyed the beach this year. Gracie actually played in the sand and water all day.

Chuck Jr. learned kind of to surf and actually got up one time.
Oh, and he also met a girl......don't think anything became of it but still.....a sign of what's to come.
We took the boat out one day and had a nice time. We went around 'the sound' and saw some dolphins jumping near some boats. I tried to get a picture of it but just couldn't really well. (so didn't include that one--we were too far off).
BUT, one of the most exciting things was we saw sea turtles being born! We couldn't believe it! The 'Turtle people' (people helping to protect them) came and told us there were two nests right in front of our house and to keep our porch lights off and no flashlights.
Well, one night they came and told us they were getting ready to be born so we went to see them. Gracie was so cute, watching for them. They came out and oh my how amazing it was to see all those little turtles head for the sea. The picture below was as good as I could do with no flash. Aren't they cute?
I was excited to get to spend alot of time with my babies. They kept me busy wore me out .
Monday was hard leaving daycare.

It's Scuba Steve! No, wait, wrong gender.....
It's Scuba Shashie!!
As I said she enjoyed the true beach this year. She played very contently most all of the days. (whew)

I was excited to see how Corbett would do in the sand this year since last year he slept most of the time on the beach. I could just picture a sun-kissed, smiling little boy, toes in the sand.

Instead, got this.

Maybe next year.....(but, to his defense we had taken some a battery of family pictures and he was just spent.
See, here's one of Gracie:
And here we all are.....The Andersons

Thanks for stopping in and I notice the pictures look grainy but don't on my PC so sorry!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Kids Birthday parties.....

I am late joining Kelly's blog party and this week is Kids Birthday Parties. I LOVE the variety that she is doing and can't wait for each week. Don't know who Kelly is? Well, GO HERE! She's precious and has an even more precious daughter! So, this week I will be showing a few parties.
Here is my step son's birthday party two years ago. April 06. He turned 11.
Not alot of decorations but this is the porch where we celebrated.
(we LOVE our porch)

And he wanted oysters (yes, OYSTERS) the next day. Yum!And here is (sorry these are smaller) the porch decorated for my daughter's 1st birthday. We did pink and green. This was December 07.
I started this for my daughter and have done it three times now. I cut '1' cookies out for her 1st birthday. :)
She had little interest in her cake. *sigh*
Opening gifts.
This is 'the porch' again, this time decorated for my daughter's 2nd birthday. You can see I added a Christmas tree on this porch for the season. December 08. That year, we did pink and black.
The hot dog cooker was a hit. DH happen to have it at work (his business repairs restaurant equipment) and we borrowed it!
Still not real interested in the cake but look how cute it is w/ the polka dots (and her outfit is matching...tee.hee).
The famous number cookies again...this time in '2' of course.
This 'the porch' again.... and the hot dog cooker. It's my son's 1st birthday and it was January 09. Decorations are in yellow because I did Monkey 'theme'.
Opening gifts.
His cake. More polka dots. Love them!

And my little birthday angel.......
And he, too, wasn't interested in his cake. Oh well.
Aweeeeeeee isn't he cute!?

Thanks for stopping in! Good luck planning your next event!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

My Thrifty Treasures.....

Again I am joining Rhoda's Thrify Finds weekly blog party!

I so enjoy seeing others' treasure and of course sharing mine!

Please stop in and see the linky party! You can see it here.
I have a few to share this week.

I found TWO of these puppies at Good Will. They were .50 each! I was so excited. I've already cleaned them both and painted one Heirloom White (by Krylon). I may keep one but I think I am going to do an initial on one and give it away at Christmas. So cute huh?

This is my BIG find, and Hubby's nemesis.

I stop in His House from time to time about once a week. I found this Friday and just about squealed when I saw it. It is in perfect condition and no worn areas. A dream.

It did have three cushions with it (really?) but we stopped at the dump on the way home and got rid of them. I plan to find a single cushion for the bottom and three across the back (maybe), paint it (not clue what color-suggestions wanted), and put it in our back yard. Hubby thinks I'm nuts and just shook his head when I told him last night we had to go get it. The cost? $15!

And this is him, God love him, smiling making fun of me unloading it.

Thanks for stopping in and feel free to give me opinions!
You'll be sorry if you don't go see Rhoda!!


a plant.....and a little boy

This is a story about a plant and a little boy.
See this plant below? I received it from a dear friend who visited me in the hospital the day I gave birth to my second child, my son. She surprised me from out town, brought this, something for my son and something for my oldest child (daughter). It was so special to me and the fact that I could replant it made it even better. However, I was afraid I would not be able to take care of my little plant well enough. I was afraid my little plant would not grow as it should. I was afraid.
Regardless, I came home and rooted it in our front planter, just waiting on something to go wrong. For a while, it didn't do so well. In fact, all last year was rough and bleak for my little plant.

This is my little plant today. Growing strong and developing. Developing a little behind but developing still the same. I have watched my little plant through the last year and a half, holding my breath, trying to be positive that things would be okay. They are. See my little plant? It's a miracle it's alive.

Now, meet said son.
This is the day he was born the day I received the plant. This is one of the best days of my life. However, I was afraid. I was afraid I would not be able to take care of my little boy well enough. I was afraid my little boy would not grow and live as he should. I was afraid.
Regardless, I eventually brought my little boy home and rooted him into our lives and home, just waiting on something to go wrong. For a while, it didn't go so well. In fact, all last year was rough and bleak for my little boy.

BUT, this is my little boy today. Happy, relatively healthy, growing strong, and developing. Developing a little behind, but developing still the same. I have watched my little boy through the last year and a half, holding my breath, trying to be positive that things would be okay. They are. See my little boy? He is our miracle.

This is a story about a plant and a little boy. Coincidence they are on the same path? You be the judge.
And if you're still reading and want to know the details of my son's condition, please feel free to go here and read his Happy Birthday message from me, recounting his first year of life.

Friday, July 10, 2009

A 'redo' of such.....

I redid a Thrift Find and a space in my house. I wanted to share with you.
I got interrupted posting my 'redo' for this:
Apparently, my daughter found a 'TURTLE Mommy!' and I had to come see! It's now her pet turtle in the yard! named Mr Turtle.

Now, back to my post....crisis turtle in the house avoided!

First, here is the space I redid. You saw this and more in the room here when I took part in Kelly's 'Show us where you live Friday-Dens' back in May. Please stop in and visit Kelly's Korner. Sweet girl with a sweet take on blogging.
Anyway, here is the before:

I also take part in Rhoda's Thrifty Find linky party. You can see my whole thrift finds from that party here. Here is my thrifty find 'before'. (I actually scored two of them for $10-no shades though) :

Here is the same space as above, after:

My transformed lamp (sprayed black) with a Walmart shade (looked and looked and couldn't find the 'right one' as a thrift find--those are hard to find thrifty) but it was only $10.

And notice I changed the table in front just a bit too...and even tried my hand at drying flowers. Which worked half way...these turned out some others didn't. oh well.

Hope you enjoy...Oh yeah.....I KNOW the wall behind all this stuff NEEDS painting or something. I originally tried to decoupage it with scrapbook paper but decided the patterns wouldn't match up well. So, I am going to paint the back wall the same color as the room. Which is Sherwin Williams Mannered Gold and it's my most FAV color!!!!

Thanks for stopping in!!!

PS--I found some GREAT finds today on the way home from His House and Good Will. Stay tuned!!!