Thursday, January 29, 2009

One Year Ago Today.....

...I remember sitting at my desk nervously awaiting my doctor's appointment. I was nervous because they had been watching the fluid (amniotic) around you and saw that it was decreasing. Don't ask me what the numbers mean but one week prior the fluid levels were around 8 (they like it to be above 10) so Doc Holladay said to drink GALLONS of water. I did and little man, I tried I really did.

So, the appointment was at 3:30 and your dad was running late-we thought he wasn't going to make it at all! (he came to every single one of your doctor appointments after 20 weeks--when we found out about one kidney). He showed up just as they called me back. After 20 weeks, I got an ultrasound every appointment and went to the doctor weekly almost from 28 week on and I truly loved seeing you squirm around all the time. I remember the doc kept saying if I (you) would just get to 36 weeks we would be in the 'safe zone'. You, my little Prince, had other plans.

After an ultrasound, we discovered the fluid levels were at 3! I was then plugged up to a machine that monitored your heart rate and after the doc saw a few spikes he 'didn't like', he decided 'it was time'. I had a wonderful nurse and friend there with me/us, named Mel who helped me relax and put our mind at ease. I had never seen your Dad so worried, although have seen it several times since then.Doc decided to admit me so he could monitor heart rate 24/7, all the while trying to pump steriods in me to help develop your lungs enough before delivery. He even said he didn't want me to go home to pack bags, but your stubborn Mama convinced him. We got to the hospital around 7pm and everyone (staff) was waiting on us. I think it hit me then how serious things could be. Doc Holladay came to the hospital around 8pm (yes, he's dedicated) to check on us-saying he had been watching and waiting from home for us to be 'hooked up'. You did well over the next day and a half until you were born.

Your Dad and I were in the hospital, mostly alone, just waiting and hoping. We decided not to find out your gender, because we wanted a surprise but looking back on the time in the hospital, I think a few nurses 'slipped' or got close. Anyway, as we sat in the hospital waiting, we had to finalize names (girl or boy) and what else was there to do, really. Daddy wanted a 'C' name,and we had it narrowed down to a few but decided on Corbett because it was my grandmothers' mothers' maiden name. We decided that, son, because that was and IS generations of STRONG women and although we didn't know if you were a girl or boy, we passed along the strength!

More to come later.......

Monday, January 5, 2009

2008: A year in review

2008 was both an exciting and hectic year for us. We welcomed our baby son but with that, came many hospital stays, surgeries, and doctors' visits. I know one day it will all be a distant memory but for now, we are sort of ready to start a new year.
Enjoy the pics and the small updates.
Corbett Lawton Anderson was born 1.31.08-6 weeks early! I don't have any to post of him right after he was born (but will add some later)

Gracie also learned to walk, really well. This picture was taken at her cousin's first birthday. Little did I know I'd be giving birth to her brother 3 days later.

Sadly, I don't have many pictures from February because most of it was spent back and forth to the NICU visiting Corbett however, I will find some and post later. For now, here is one stolen from March and it is of Gracie and her daddy taking a ride on the dirt bike! YIKES

Wait-I found one of Corbett. This was him sitting in his grandma's lap in the NICU and a rare one of him without tubes hooked to him. Peaceful looking, I think.


Corbett comes home, Gracie's life is uprooted, and our fun begins as life with two babies!

And Easter weekend was spent in the hospital, getting a G-Tube inserted for Corbett b/c he still wasn't drinking enough formula on his own. Miraculously, this did the trick and he began eating that same weekend! Go figure!

My step son turned 12 (going on 21). Corbett and I weren't there because he was in the hospital w/ RSV. (My birthday was spent in there w/ him!)

Gracie learns to 'climb' a ladder with Papa John.

We finally feel like a 'normal' family and decide to get out and about with Corbett. His first 'beach'/lake trip at Pine Island (he didn't go in the water of course)

Gracie still won't go in the water but decides she LOVES to swing!

Mother's Day was truly a blessing for all of us this year.

Ahhhh Father's Day. We pulled out the 'ole slip 'n slide and also cooked out at Pine Island. Good times!

Oh, and the first of June we took a 'little road trip' to Punta Gorda Florida too pick up the boat we/I bought (won) on EBay (yes, I AM addicted-it's official)--Did I mention it has a bathroom and all! Whooo hoooo

Gracie already thinks she's the Captain!

This was a good month for us, despite another unexpected hospital stay for Corbett (ran fever after an MRI-go figure). We really enjoyed our time on the lake but not so sure the kids did-ha. I take that back, I think they are enjoying the layout of the new boat....

Gracie adjusts to having a little brother at home....and not too well by the looks of things. Look out Corbett!

We took our annual family beach trp and have decided we want to take a baby sitter this year--anyone interested!?

More lakin' it for us. We were fortunate enough to have my mom watch the kids for a WHOLE night so we could go to a friends' 50th bday party at Pine Island....Chuck was excited to get to finally pull someone skiing behind his new boat.

I learn to drive the boat--finally!

Step son perfects his wakeboarding

And more lakin' it for us, taking full advantage of our lake time and new boat!
Gracie got in the tube BY HERSELF for the first time! We were all amazed (but she still hates the water)

Case in point.....

Corbett is getting stronger and stronger and looks so big here....(and where did the blue eyes come from!?)

We went to Lexington Fun Fest

Corbett had another surgery (planned) and came home Halloween night! Go figure! (still not including those pics...they may bore you)I went to a conference in Portland Oregon for a week! Chuck was home w/ the babies alone--he truly LOVES me! I won't include pics of that b/c you probably (hahum) aren't interested but here are a few from our month with the kids. Corbett and Gracie were Raggedy Ann and Andy for Halloween (although I couldn't snap a pic of Gracie fast enough before she pulled her wig off--oh well)

At the State Fair (the hay is not such a hit w/ Miss Priss!)

At Harman's Tree Farm

One last surgery and hospital stay (for now)....yay! Oh, and he got a helmet too...he had a flat spot on his head where he laid on it too long (thanks NICU).
Gracie tries to be a 'little mama' most of the time but Corbett isn't having it.

This is classic look of our lives.....


Christmas was very special this year. Hectic, but special! I put up 5 trees this year!
We threw a Christmas party for the first time in YEARS. It went well and we had a blast (thanks to my mom for keeping the kids all night!)
The bar area

Our main (real) tree

Our Christmas card, which was titled....
A Day in the Life of Two Babies
Yes, a hectic year it was indeed. Here's to a Happy NEW Year!