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Refab night stand

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Test via phone


Test via phone

Monday, May 10, 2010

DIY Thrifty Treasure, candle remake

I am linking to The DIY Showoff and Rhoda's Today's Thrifty Treasures.  Please check out both parties to see many more great ideas!

I am probably the last person to work with these candles, but when I took a trip to my local Kmart recently, I found these on clearance for $1 each.  The place mat came from Publix and was $1.19.  You first saw these two finds in this post last week. 
Please excuse the fact that I didn't take 'during' pictures, but here are the final products.
I cut the burlap place mat to fit one of the larger candles.  I wasn't sure how much I would get out of it, but surprisingly enough I ended up doing both tall ones and a small Dollar Tree candle I had sitting on my kitchen counter.  A good example how nothing is safe around my house!  After I clued the burlap on all three, I got out my embellishments and just came up with something, deciding on black (and white) ribbon on two of them, and aqua beads on the third one.  I love how they turned out.
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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Thrifty Thursday---My Recent Finds

I am joining Leigh's Thrifty Thursday party over at Bloggeritaville
Be sure to go over there and check out all the other thrifty finds and get prepared to be inspired.

My finds are before they are redone, but they are from a few recent thrift trips.
The candles were found on clearance at Kmart for $1 each.  It's hard to see, but they are sitting on a burlap placemat, found at Publix for $1.19.  (These got redone this weekend so be sure to check back to see the final prouct.)
These candle sticks were picked up at His House (like Salvation Army for those who may not have them in your area) and were .25 each!  (These, too, have been redone and placed on my mantel that also got a makeover---post coming soon)
This arrangement was found at Steinmart.  It was previously a display so they had it marked $3!
You can't beat that for some Spring flowers, and a very nice basket (that looks like Longaberger).
Now, here is my BIG find.
I found this 'TV cart' at His House and the sticker said $10!
I almost squealed with excitement!
Can you stand it?!!?
It is in the midst of getting redone.  It has taken me longer than expected b/c that joker can soak up some paint (and yes, I did prime it first) and the sides have so much detail. 
I am hoping to get it finished before Mother's Day so I can use it for our family brunch.  Can you guess what this will be?

That is it for now.  Sorry to jumble several finds in one, but they are recent or current projects and future posts!
Thanks for stopping in and as always, I LURVE comments.  ADORE.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Parents Photo Faves

I know this is a long shot, but my son's picture is up for voting. If you're a follower, please vote for his picture.
You can vote every day until 5/9.
It's one of our favorite photos of him and shows his deep personality well.
Thanks in advance and sorry for the 'different' post from me.
More thrifting and DIY projects coming soon!

Parents Photo Faves

My Breakfast area--transformed

I am linking with Poppies at Play for the Parade of Homes linky party
I recently transformed my little breakfast nook in my kitchen.  Sorry, no before pictures really but here is the change.  I used to have the table fully out and set but I condensed it for more floor space.  Our kitchen is laid out horribly and we have little room to move around between us all.   

I hope one day we can do a kitchen remodel! 
It would help us with floor space sanity.
Thanks for stopping in...I always enjoy visitors and ADORE comments!  :)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

One Fine Spring Day…….

 I just LOVE Spring! I love opening the doors and windows and letting the fresh air in. Pollen has hit pretty hard here already but I had a few chances to get outside with the kiddos before it got too bad. So, you get to see the kids today, instead of crafting/thrifting projects.

 G playing hide and go seek.....
030710 175

030710 176
G watching and waiting for bubbles....
030710 122
030710 126 
Sibling love......
030710 155
They are, afterall, Irish Twins.
030710 156 
Take note, this is rare......
030710 163 
Because this is the majority of the time.  Sigh.
030710 171
Thanks for stopping in.  Welcome Spring!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

My Thrifty Treasures....

I am SO glad all the Thrift parties are back! I haven't stopped thrifting, but haven't been taking pictures of most of my finds until recently (when I knew the parties would be kicking up again). 
I am participating in Bloggeritaville's Thrifty Thursday party

Go check out her site for many more thrifty finds!

Here are a few of my recent ones.

I stopped in the local Good Will and found these items:

Yes, that is an old metal lunch box and was only .70!  I completely fell in love with it and grabbed it up before anyone else could see it.  My husband thinks I am nuts but he has no idea.  I am either going to clean it up and keep it in it's original state, or paint it a bright/bold color.  What do you think?
I also found a cute little bird tray, some tags, and a pair of shoes for my Daughter.  She had a pair of these a few sizes smaller and when she outgrew them, she was sad.  They are her favorite 'Princess shoes' and has yet to go a day without wearing them (no matter WHAT she has on.....sigh).

And here is the inside of the lunch box:

I am thinking someone used it as a planter (which is a thought), or some sort of container (other than lunches).  Regardless, hubby was scared I was going to make him start taking his lunches in it.  men. 

Right next to our GW, is a Kmart.  (I assume you all know what these are, but if not, Kmart is much like Walmart) 
Anyhoo---I stopped in there and found these on clearance for $1.  I have plans for them, but for now they are in my dining room catch all room.

I have so many projects I want to get done it's not even funny.  JI am just glad the weather has been nice here (which has caused me to just sit on the porch and watch the grass grow). 
Thanks for stopping in and please leave me a comment.  I LURVE comments.
Oh, and be sure to tell me what you think I should do w/ the lunchbox. 

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St Pats Day--Love All Things Green!

I am loving the color green these days. 
Today, of course, I have on green.  My kids have on green, and so does my hubby.
I've been in search of kitchen designs lately-mainly b/c we are about to remodel gut ours!
Here are a few kitchens with splashes of green in them (which I am loving but hubby will hate )

Here are a few images that make me swoon (and sorry no clue where they came from, so if you know please share!):
I love the touches of spring green in this kitchen....the tile is amazing!
Love the color of this kitchen.  Love the shelves and love the number. 
I don't really have a modern taste, but do like these colors together.  The lights is cool and the little green chair in there is awesome!

This, by far, is my favorite!!!  From the light fixtures, to the different shades of green (ON THE CEILING!?  Swoon), to the placement of the bar and seating, and the bar stools!!!
And sadly, here is my current kitchen.  As I said, we are in the midst of trying to remodel (trying to find a design that works=difficult) so hopefully you'll see a post in the 'near' future.  Hey, a girl can dream can't she!?!
Oh, and I hope my new-found-kitchen has one of these.........
Remember, girl=dream
(sorry it's blurry)
Thanks for stopping in and hope everyone has a Happy St Patty's day!
I love it!


Friday, March 5, 2010

Cheapo plastic frame turned Easter wall hanging!

I just realized I have been blogging for TWO years now!  3/3/10 was my anniversary! I may just have to do a giveaway for that!  Stay tuned!
I originally started out blogging, trying to document my kids' milestones.  It started slowly then blossomed into more of a crafting blog.  You can read one of my very first posts here
A little history on this project....At Christmastime, at work, we did a 'Silly Santa' or 'Chinese Christmas' gift exhange.  Assuming that you all know what that is but if not, here is an explanation, although there are some variations......

Here is what I got in my exchange.
One high quality plastic cheapo picture frame.
Complete with dust an inch thick on the glass.  Really.  No kidding.  Everyone laughed at me and my gift. 
BUT, I had a vision for this frame and immediately thought Easter wall hanging.  Not sure why, but I did. 
However, with it not being spray paint weather, I waited until recently to transform it.
Here is my frame mid-way through the transformation. I first spray painted the whole thing white. 
Then, I found my newest Friend, Brilliant Metals Pearl base paint by Valspar, found at Lowe's.  Sorry the picture isn't great, but it was taken at night, inside and I giddy with continuing this project.  I brushed on two coats (same night) and let it dry overnight. 
As the paint was drying, I took a peice of scrapbook paper and cut it to fit the frame size.  I found the 'Easter' letters at Hobby Lobby and simply glued them onto the paper.  I used E6000 glue for this, but only because that is what I had handy.  Someone pointed out to me they thought the 'S' was upside down, but I promise this is how it was in the package.  Could be upside down, and maybe I'll change it, but most likely not. 
Then, I added some pink rhinestones around the edge of the frame (which don't show up well), and found some sheer pink ribbon to hang it with. 

Here it is hanging on a wall in my kitchen going into the dining room.  I don't really decorate for Easter so I took it to my office at work--which I don't decorate for Easter either, but I wanted to show of my DIY high quality plastic cheapo Chinese Christmas frame. 

Thanks for stopping in!
I'll be linking to several parties this week so please check them out too.  . 

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Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Transformation, Tiffany Princess style

I'm back! Well, sort of.....

But, I am joining several parties this week to show off my bedroom transformation.

The room started out like this:

051009 008

Kind of boyish, don't you think?

My step son was in this room, so it was decorated for his taste. (he has since moved into our FROG, aka Finished Room Over the Garage incase you hadn't heard the term)

More of the room:

051009 010

I know, I know...yes, there is really a strand of lights around the window. Happened around Christmas and just stuck around for several years.

051009 011

The room is actually pretty large so he had a sitting area in there.

051009 015

Here is the room now!

Transformed into my daughters Tiffany Blue bedroom. Pictures don't do it justice (taken at night-shame shame), but I just love how it turned out.

111509 015

My wonderful husband made those wooden boxes that the lights are hanging from. I painted them white, added a tension rod to the inside and hung white lights and tulle from the rod. I wanted a canopy feel, but not round and over the beds. Make sense?

And I haven't finished accessorizing it yet. I have a stained glass piece (made by a friend of mine) that I am going to hang in that window between the beds and I am not crazy about that desk there either. Maybe if I add a little stool? Suggestions are welcome!

111509 016

This is the wall where the TV was in the last 'before' picture.

I found the shelf months back at Goodwill and painted it, put her monogram on it (LOVE vinyl letters!) and hung her hospital going home outfit on it. And the picture is from her newborn photo shoot and the matte has all her hospital visitors' signatures (and notes to her), even my doctor!

I love this little corner so much!

111509 010

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