Monday, March 30, 2009

Misc Monday photos

Well, our little home project is coming along nicely. Chuck had a friend come over this weekend and they got alot done on the room. Here, you can see the pocket door but they also installed recessed lighting and all the drywall yesterday! YAY!!! Just one step closer to Gracie and Corbett having their own, SEPERATE rooms! That will make Mommy happy!

Here is a picture of Gracie and Corbett in her new 'anywhere' chair. I couldn't believe she is sharing it w/ him! You can't see it, but her hand is behind his back, holding him....aweee. And the other one is, of course, just her. She loves her chair but she likes it ON the couch. *sigh*

Little Gracie (aka Shashie) likes her Ponies. And she's gotten into a ritual of 'needing' a sucker before leaving daycare.

I wonder what in the WORLD these two are talking about? As I posted this on my Facebook page, a friend of mine comments that they are plotting against me. She's probably right!

Now, I just HAD to include this one..
We were actually fooling around when I took it, but somehow I think it's a cool pic. And to explain---Chuck was showing Little Chuck his grandfathers' antique guns, which will be his one day (FAR FAR AWAY!)
If these two had been dressed in old timey clothes(hats and all) and changed to sepia it would look cool.
Actually, I asked if he was going to print it and hang it on the wall for when Gracie starts dating....ahhhhhh lol

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Random Wednesday things......

Not much going on here, but thought I would update a bit.

We've started getting Corbett up on his feet to try to build some strength and muscles. He can hold himself up for a while-but is totally white knuckled. LOL But, he loves it and will just squeal!

And...he's getting upon all fours and rocking! I think he's about to take off soon! I never imagined wishing my baby hurry up and grow up, but in his case I am! I am ready to see some milestones! (of course once he's a toddler, he can stop--lol)

He sleeps like this alot. And even when he's trying to crawl, he'll kick his leg up like this. Cute huh?

"Shashie" (Gracie) still doesn't like hats much but this is Corbett's so, of course, she LOVES it. Everything right now is 'mine!'. *sigh*
Now HERE'S something you don't see every day! A toilet on the front sidewalk....
I've said our yard looks like Sandford and Son, jokingly, but this confirms it!
Ok-to explain....our toilet in the guest bathroom has been broken for two weeks. Chuck finally fixed it this past weekend and this is the remants. Of course he did move's now right outside my garage! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh-gotta love him!
(Gracie is cute trying to come see the 'action' )
I recently got out for dinner and drinks with my best friend! We met at Yamato's and it was so nice! Oh, and the food was good too! The people at our table weren't 'talky' but we made up for it. Too funny. AND, we even made it home for Gray's.....
Can't wait til next time, D!

Going to be a nice weekend this coming weekend so hopefully I'll have some pretty Spring outdoor pics to post. And, we started a monthly Super Club with another couple and the first one is Saturday night. He (the husband of the couple) is going 'first' and no telling what he will do....I'm third so at least I have until May to figure out what in the world I want to cook! Ya'll KNOW I don't do the cooking in our house, so any suggestions are welcome!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Helmet, no more! of today we are DONE with the helmet! DONE, I tell you!!!

Chuck took him to his LAST 'cranial' appt, which we LOVINGLY call his 'head shrinking' appts.

They said his head is as good as it is going to get-which IS good, almost perfect!

And he even took pictures to use as advertisement! YAY Corbo!

Another doc bites the dust!

And incase you've forgotten what it looks like:

We'll save it of course, but just glad he doesn't have to go through the Summer with it!!!

Oh, and if these teeth don't come in, Mommy will be insane!! IN-SANE.

Monday, March 9, 2009

What a wonderful weekend we had!

The weather was perfect- in the 80's all weekend! We both have Spring Fever REALLY bad now! We were lucky enough to have a little Grandma competition and had both sets lined up for the weekend so we could get out, enjoy the weather and celebrate Chuck's bday (REAL late). Saturday, we rode with some friends and Saturday night we met some other friends for dinner. Friday, Chuck was so excited, he started getting the bike cleaned up after work Friday. He washed it and wiped it down good....and dried it with a leaf blower! I thought that was SO funny, and so like something he would do. I called it 'how to dry a bike, redneck style'.....ahhhh
(And ignore our messy garage!)

Of course Gracie had to 'ride' too so he let her ride from this spot to the spot in the garage (yes, I was nervous still) and she screamed when they got off! She LOVES riding.....she rides the dirt bike and 4 wheeler with him and she loves it, and loves to go fast. I think I'm in trouble......(but am glad she's not afraid of riding....)
Apparently, all the kids at school have 'gasses' (glasses) for when they go outside. Her teacher went to buy her some so she could have her own. Now mind you, she's got two pair at home she HATED until now.........she's a trip.

Ok, so this is my wild side. I'm sure anyone reading this isn't surprised, but it HAS been a while so just had to get a picture and brag. We had SO much fun riding today. It truly has been a while but we hope to do it a little more often. We started out around 11am and got back home around 4:30. Weather was B-E-A-U-tiful!

Here's me and Kristie....we were at Boondocks, which really IS in the Boondocks. It's close to Dano's (that closed, sadly) but NOWHERE near CLOSE to how the place was at Dano's. Hard to explain, but I'll just say I don't think we'll be headed way back out there for a while. We also stopped at Dam Bar and Grill and Anthony's.

This is later this same night (Sat). We met a friend of mine (her hubby was too sick to come, poor thing). We had a blast. Chuck and I were kinda tired, but we made it-I mean, who wouldn't take advantage of a babysitting day AND night.
Well................we almost made it! Hahaha. Ignore his eyes...he can NEVER take a picture right-which is why we hardly have any of us together. That, and the fact that I'm always the one taking the pics!
We did have fun, but were also ready to see our babies the next morning. I had forgotten to Spring Forward so by the time we picked them up it was 11am! oops---
Gracie was SO loving all day-I ate it up! Well, let me say she was sweet until bedtime....the time change has REALLY messed with her this year! Ugh. Today was rough too--taking her in daycare. She doesn't understand going to bed while it's light out. Tonight and this week should prove interesting-wish me luck!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

New Sites found, interesting....

So, before I gave birth to Gracie and Corbett, I tried to make freezer meals and stock up. Life is so hectic with two babies, that I am thinking of doing this again. I will admit, though, that Chuck does most of the cooking but even at that, we are so late eating (eating after the kids go to bed--oh, the horror that we don't eat together or the same thing...but I regress). We like to sit around on Sundays and cook anyway so why not make us some meals as well as more baby food (remember, we made all of Gracies and have done most of Corbett's although we can't perfect apple sauce so he gets jarred....) my search of blogs (I supposed I'm getting addicted ??), I found two sites that I book marked. One is for a blog that posts and talks about $5 dinners. You can find it here. Kind of a neat site....Hope you enjoy.

I also found one that bosts about cooking a months' worth of meals all in one day. I can see doing a week and have a friend who does this successfully, but just not sure about a month. I think I'll refer the site to my friend Mary to see what she thinks. It has some baby food recipes on there too.

Of course none of this could be possible without the help of one of my favorite products!
If anyone reads this and has some recipes they want to share, please feel free!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A random post and pics

I thought I would be better than this updating, but apparently not. Oh well.

Chuck and I are planning a trip (long weekend) to the beach in May and I REALLY need to lose at least 15 pounds by then---wish me luck! I really do feel better when I exercise, but finding the time has been a challenge. I am trying to go mid-morning (at work) and that works out ok when I can squeeze it in. I'm reading Twlight (yes, I'm behind everyone else but really didn't think I'd get into anything related to Vampires-so far, it's not bad though) while I walk on the treadmill. Yes, I can do

Here are a few recent pics.
I found Gracie some black cowboy boots on EBay (LOVE it!) for .99 and we're both proud of them....take a look:
And this dress was only a few bucks off EBay....Yes, I went nuts!
My Little Man is really starting to catch up, grow up, and sit up....'Look at Me'~
All smiles.....
Growing so fast! (And we're almost done w/ the helmet...his 'melon' is almost 'perfect'! YAY
Until next time......
PS---I wonder who follows this blog or reads it...don't think many! Maybe since Shaney found it, she'll ck it out more now too....