Thursday, August 27, 2009

DIY day-Picture turned to look like an old timey picture

I am joining Kimba, from A Soft Place to Land, in her DIY day.

I am glad she's not particular as to what makes a DIY project since I am including this one. This is something I want to do with several photos haven't completed my true DIY projects and hang them on the walls.
This is a picture of the intake towers for the Saluda Dam at Lake Murray, S.C.
I took this picture a few months ago.
June '09.

And this is after I made it looked aged. Doesn't it look just like an old photo from 'back in the day'? Print it and tear the edges some and Viola!
In fact, you can see some real old photos of them building the lake and dam here.
Don't forget to go over to Kimba's party to see more great ideas!

Thrifty Thursday

I am joining Leigh's Thrifty Thursday party for the first time....Go see her and other great ideas here.
Recently, I popped in His House I actually think I'm addicted, hubby agrees and found these. Total for the shopping trip was $25!

I am in a REAL platter addiction...someone call Intervention, please!?

the top one is a cheap-o one but the others feel solid. Does that make sense? I can't make out any markings on the backs. The cheap-o one will get painted and not sure about the others. More to come on those projects as they unfold. each tray was around $1 each!

This little gem was .50 and will get a makeover for a friend of mine that collects pineapples.

Don't you just love old books. $1 each and I've already found a home for them--pics to come later.

This piece had some old ugly dried flowers in the top and sorry no picture of the true 'before' but those flowers headed for the trash pile before I entered the house!

Got plans for this one too.....

.50 cents

You can't see the detail well, but these are two old handkerchiefs with lace detail on the corner and small lace around the edges. He didn't know what they were, so threw them in for FREE!

I have semi- plans for these, if it works the way I think/want.
OR do any of you have suggestions?
A serving tray (see, the addiction continues) and a soon to be cloche! I got the idea from Jennifer, at chester and donkey. See her project here. Go ck our her ideas...and, she's planning on starting her own shop on Etsy, I hear!
$1 each

This beauty was $1 and has already been painting for the first part of this project. Yes, I have a gazillion projects going on at the same time. Hubby says I need to start selling some of these! Ha!

I squealed when I ran across this!
Not sure why, but I did!
Anyone ever seen one before? It is a cast iron alphabet corn bread maker. $10 for it!
And I've found some online (not terribly old, but looks it) for $35-$49!
Now, anyone know how to clean rust off of it?
I just love it, even if i just display it!
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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Purple Martin Birds-Evening Cruise

I told you about our weekend plans to go out and see the birds here and included a link to find out more about these little birds and how the inhabit our island this time of year.

This was our view over Bomb Island (as it's called) at Lake Murray as we rode up to our spot.

And guess what we saw next!? Yes, that says Ice Cream on the side of the boat!
I've seen it all now! Great idea though. I highly recommend the ice cream sandwiches!

Back to the views and birds.
Amazing view huh?

And they come. Can you see all those tiny specks in the sky? Those are the Purple Martins flying in to Bomb Island.

Straight above our heads.

More flocking to the island.

After most of them get to the island, you can't see them anymore but you can hear them all 'talking' and it's really quite loud, and amazing!
I wonder where they go from here...??
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A Beachy Centerpiece

I am joining the Beach Party at The Shabby Chic Cottage today. I don't have alot to post because my house isn't really beachy although I REALLY wish it was but this is something I whipped up the other day before company came into town. We were headed on the lake for a sunset 'dinner' more like appetizers cruise and sightings of Purple Martin birds (another post coming about that, and pictures so be sure to come back).
So, this is what I whipped up basically for nothing.
I had the middle container-a large Margarita glass and it had these shells already in it, in my cabinet. The shells were from a beach trip several years ago but since my house isn't really 'beachy' they've been stored. *sigh*.
The other two containers are leftover, washed, and 'delabled' spaghetti sauce jars! Yup, you heard that right! I am a NUT for containers of any sort and hate throwing them out, so when I made some spaghetti the other day, I thought...hmmmmm.
I filled them with more shells from various beach trips (I'm also a nut, and separate the shells by the trips/years we found them. So, from left to right, trips '07, '06, and '09--can't find '08-oops.
The 'raffia' is actually made of plastic and came off of a package of something I bought at HLobby! Add some votives and Viola!

As you can see this is my porch table. We sit out here and enjoy the evenings.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Fridays (ok, Monday) Show us your life

This week is baby showers and is hosted by Kelly at Kelly's Korner.
I am showing you the family baby shower we had that was hosted by my mother in law and sister in law. I had a shower at work too, but can't find those pics, sadly. (And I didn't have a shower when I had my son.)
This is me and hubby before leaving for the shower. Yes, I 'made' him go with me. :)
(and you will see this is before we painted the den--BORING)

The spread, or most of it.

Great friends and family.....

Opening gifts and one of my favs...a monogrammed bib.

Me and my mom...(boy, I am huge! incidentally, this was three weeks before she was born)

Me and my in laws. From left to right--Niece, SIL, me, and MIL.

Thanks for letting me share my shower with you. Now, go on over to Kelly's to see more!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Happy Friday everyone!

I am so glad it is Friday. I have a ton of projects I need to get done, but we will be cooking tonight (for our boat ride tomorrow) and then we get up to get ready. You see, we have some friends and family who are going to be boarding our boat tomorrow afternoon. We plan to enjoy a little sun, and R and R, and then head out to Bomb Island to see the Purple Martins (birds) as they fly at dusk. Below is a picture, and although it's not the best, you get the idea. (picture courtesy of and you can read more about it through that link)
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh nothing is going to be finer than a nice little dinner cruise at sunset (wait-what about a tablescape!?! I gotta get moving on planning that one!).
Oh, did I mention we'll be KID FREE!?
I hope I will have pictures of my own on Monday so be sure to check back in.
Happy Friday to everyone!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Tablescape Thursday

Hi All!

Susan at Between Naps on the Porch is hosting another Tablescape Thursday and this is the first time I am joining. This is my current tablescape, but it's likely to change soon for Fall so stay tuned!
I am currently looking for a new tablerunner so feel free to leave your feedback. Does it need to be an accent color, gold, red, or something totally different?
Plates were purchased on sale at TJ Maxx and love them!

The glasses were my grandmother's and I love the 'dot detail'.
Thanks for stopping in and I LOVE comments, so feel free to leave them!

Wordless Wednesday

Monday, August 17, 2009

Thrifty Finds and Metamorphosis Monday!

Gotta love Monday's just for these!
Please stop on over at Rhoda's to see some thrifty treasures and Susan's to see Metamorphosis Monday.

I picked up a few new items Friday but more on those later.
Remember this picture? I posted a little about it here. It is a canvas.

I got it at GW for $1 and originally thought I would paint the frame but once I did the chalk board, I loved the rustic look of the wood frame against the black chalk board. Here it is in it's new home. I can see that this piece will be all over my house.

This is one of my finds from Friday's stop at His House. I squealed with excitement!
And not only because of my new found interest in glass stopper bottles, but this one had 'Lavoris' on it! Not sure of value, but thought it was neat and you just don't see these anymore. Anyone know??
(sorry the picture is poor--I just couldn't get a good picture of it, showing 'Lavoris').

Here it is in it's new home, right beside my other finds from His House a few weeks ago!
(I put peppercorns in there for now, but thinking of an infused oil)

Thanks for stopping in...and don't forget to check out more Thrifty Treasure's at Rhoda's and Metamorphosis Monday ideas at Susan's.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Show us your life Friday.....Vacation spot

I am joining Kelly's Friday link party-Show us your life. I can't wait to see all the great places. You can, too, if you go here.
This week, we're sharing our favorite vacation spot(s).
I actually have two favorite places.
First because we go more often is Charleston, SC.
We have alot of friends that live there and it's pretty close. We also got married there, on Sullivan's Island, in front of the lighthouse. You can read about that lighthouse here.
And you can see more about our wedding here.
This was a house we passed walking down the walkway to the beach. Can't you picture yourself sitting there in that swing with a nice glass of wine, or cup of coffee.

And there is nothing like the sunset at Shem Creek. I just love seeing the shrimp boats as the sun sets. I wonderful place to stay is the Shem Creek Inn. It overlooks the creek and has restaurants within walking distance.

Of course, I would be remiss if I didn't mention our new favorite vacation spot, Edisto Beach SC. You can read a little more about our vacation here.
This was the view from our house. So relaxing.
As the sunset.
This was actually from the front of our house.
We took our boat and went out to the marshes one day. We saw dolphins jumping-sorry I don't have a picture of them (close up that is) but I was so amazed by them, I just watched and didn't snap.
Here is a view of the marsh.
A previous renter had left us this sand dollar. We left it for the next family.
As I said we loved Edisto.
Well, for the most part that is.......

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