Thursday, April 30, 2009

Like many other days.....

Like many other days, I was in the gym this morning doing my usual--
treadmill walk while reading my book (picture it, and yes I can do it J),
A big burly cocky man comes in to work out-like many other days,
He begins on the treadmill-like many other days,
His buddy comes in to work out with him-like many other days,
But unlike many other days, big burly cocky man--
falls off the treadmill
Yes, I wet my pants!!!

And yes, I'll see you in he$$!!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

A day in the life of a Lake, I mean Mama.....

So, we went to the lake today and for the most part, it went well. But, the babies did get hot and fussy around mid-day and we had to stop the fishing attempt (Hubby, LC, and Mark wanted to try) The following is a picture of Gracie, totally miserable. I finally realized that sun screen was in her eyes and she was 'done'! MOTY (Mother Of The Year) award here. Poor baby. At one point, both babies were crying, totally miserable, and I was on the verge. I finally told hubby we had to go (from being dead still-they were hot-it was 90 here today). She was fighting a nap, Daddy was trying to get her to calm down, I was holding Corbett and in the midst, she kept saying 'I want my Mommy'. I totally ate it up b/c she's a Daddy's girl!

Is he not chillaxin!?!?! I looked over and saw this and laughed. Notice the bottle tucked under his leg. Oh, and here's another MOTY moment b/c I didn't put sun screen on him (b/c he usually stays under the cover). Ugh.

Ok, this was finally an hour or two's peaceful moment for me. She finally gave in to a nap (he napped off and on most of the day), and we were headed back in from a long day at sea, I mean lake.

Pretty shot of the sail boats. We were right out from Lake Murray Sailing Club. I love sail boats, but would hate to sail....too much work, not enough adult beverage time. :)

This is the second time I've photographed (not sure I'm qualified to say it like that) this tower at Lake Murray. But, I think it's great. Can you read it It is a red heart w/ "Annie Prom?". Love it. Wonder what she said......???
And on a side note, since I added my 'visitor counter' I've been shocked. So many hits (of course never as much as Stellan at My Charming Kids or Harper at Kelly's Korner) so I'm curious as to who reads this..... Anyone???
If I had more avid readers, I would be more encouraged to post. I should post just regular day-to-day stuff w/ my kids but forget half the time to get it in writing, although I should.

Monday, April 20, 2009

A day and time of remembering and being thankful

Today marks 10 years since Columbine.

Today, Stellan took a turn for the worse.
And today, I am very thankful for my health and family (and their health).

Today Corbett cried non-stop before falling asleep, and I'm thankful. Thankful he's here, can cry and is healthy.

Today Gracie tells me 'NO!' when I ask for a 'hugga' and 'kiss' and I'm thankful. Thankful she can at least say those words and is healthy.

My husband is whining of being sore from working on our remodel yesterday and I am thankful. Thankful he can work, he loves me so much, and is healthy.

Yes, today is a day of remembering those who have suffered and are suffering because we all should be thankful if we aren't. Life's 'little' pleasures.....God bless everyone!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Birthday Follow up.....

Yesterday couldn't have been a better day!
You know how it started so here is how it ended.
I picked up Corbett (my mom had Gracie for the aftenroon) and he was in the BEST mood! I was very thankful! Alot of days he's so tired (from being held at daycare and everyone playing w/ him-yes, he's the daycare 'brat' much like Gracie used to be but WORSE) by the time I pick him up that he whines (not complaining here, mind you) until bedtime. But, he was GREAT! He was trying to sit up in his car seat and he was scooting all around the floor, playing w/ his toys. Chuck came home and brought me fresh flowers (which I LOVE), the sweetest card (from him AND the kids), a gift (gasp), and dinner. I was pleasantly shocked. I expected flowers and dinner, but not the card (and what it said) and a GIFT!? And, it was already in a bag, card filled out! Impressed.

We do our 'normal routine' (which is get kids unpacked and repacked for daycare-get your mind outta the gutter!), Gracie comes home and is a doll!

We put the kids to bed at normal time (7:30-8pm), then had a nice relaxing dinner. He fixed filets, scallops, and grilled potatoes (thought he was going to mash them but didn't, YUM). It was very nice!

I will post pictures tomorrow but for now, here are some from Easter (which was also amazing and I realize I haven't posted about that!):
My child ready to get all sugared up! ALL DAY
Can we eat yet? Corbett is like eat what!?
She loved finding eggs.
Our family..............

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A day of reflection and celebration

Celebration first:

Well, today is my 30-somethingth birthday. :)

It has been a pretty okay day and other than on Facebook (which I LOVED), noone around here has said Happy Birthday to me or acknowledged it. BUT, that's ok. I actually love my bday and never get depressed (*one exception, explanation to come)
My boss (and one other friend) did though and behind it said, 'I hate you have to work'. I thought that was funny coming from my boss. I could have taken off, but I never do--the day AFTER maybe (not this year) but not the actual day.

But, my response to that statement was this:
'I welcome work on my bday, after all I could be in the hopsital (with Corbett) like I was last year.'

Now reflection:
Last year I was 'stuck' in the hospital with Corbett battling RSV. I don't think I have to relive how that WEEK started but just add that he was transported by ambulance b/c he was 'turning blue'......AHHHHH.
So, that weekend and week I almost lost my mind. For those that follow Stellans story, I went through some of those same feelings MckMama goes through however our experience was NO WHERE what they are going through. I think I cussed out every nurse, doctor, janitor, and even a Respiratory Therapist or two b/c noone could tell me WHEN we would go home.
My visitors on my bday consisted of one close friend and my Mother In Law (MIL). That's it. No phone calls either. I was bitter.
But, that's past me and I celebrate this year having two healthy kids and a wonderful husband. My morning started like this:
Chuck brought Gracie in to me (getting ready for work at 6am) and said tell Mama Happy Birthday. She didn't of course, but kissed me. The fact he remembered was a good sign too. :)

Next, he offered to take the babies to daycare for me (mainly b/c it's raining and he does this for me when it rains...aweee). I agreed. But, at the same time was sad b/c I love spending as much time w/ them as I can before work and love getting them 'all settled' in school before leaving for my hectic day.

Then, my mom offers to pick up Gracie today (she hasn't picked them both up to 'help me'. I agreed. But, at the same time I was sad b/c I love hearing her yell "mama!" and run to me when she sees me. It's the highlight of my day and I can't wait until BOTH of them are doing this! Double whammy!

So, I think I will go home, open a bottle of wine and hope hubby at least brings me flowers home! :)
Oh, and a dear friend of mine took me to one of my favorite places for lunch, Grouchos, and made me some cute scrapbook pics/pages of Gracie from the park the other day.

I've had a blessed year and day!

Monday, April 6, 2009

*Sigh* Puke *sigh* Cry *sigh* Sleep

So, it's been 24 hours since my little one has done just the above. Well, Mommy is the '*sigh*'s.
For almost 24 hrs, Corbett has done nothing but puke, whine, cry, sleep, repeat. In fact, he just cried out for another Pedialyte bottle (this makes 4 in a row at 2 oz's each) and all stayed down, no fever. Good sign(s).

That said, I thought I would nearly go insane today....although it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be (I don't do Barf well!), it was a good day, all-in-all. I cleaned while he slept. I ran Roomba and mopped (something I NEVER do !) and cleaned out drawers and cabinets! I love Spring!

I spent today/tonight catching up on some Ebaying, some blogging, and IMing w/ a close friend. All felt good. Retail therapy and just plain therapy.

And, catching up on blogging, I have to mention that I am continuing to think about Stellan. If you blog, you probably know the name. If not, check out this amazing Mom's blog, following her journey. If only I had blogged alot when Corbett was born.....
However, I had amazing friends who helped me through everthing and I can never repay them- in any way, shape, or form.

I will add pics tomorrow or the next day, updating about our weekend--which was GREAT!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

It's almost the weekend.....

And not alot is planned for this weekend. It's raining 'cats and dogs' here right now and supposed to through Friday but Saturday and Sunday are supposed to be georgous. The only thing planned is a trip to Pine Island (a nice place on the lake that my company owns) for a Kid's Carnival. They have food, rides, games, etc. I hope to have some pics. I wish, this close to Easter, they would have an egg hunt but don't think that's in the works. We'll save that for grandma's next weekend.

Then, I hope to see some more progress on the new addition upstairs. I'm SO ready to split Gracie and Corbett up as far as rooms go. HAVE I MENTIONED THAT A TIME OR TWO!?


Trigger-warnings coming-may be sensitive.
A while back, I found out about the site Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep that provides a photography 'service' to those who's children are still born, or spend their first days/weeks in the NICU hooked up to tubes and machines. Of course the still born situations break my heart, but I have found myself wishing I had found this site/service when Corbett was born. I remember Gracie's first pictures (when the hospital photographer came around) and how excited we were to dress her up for her first official picture. They turned out SO cute (I really need to scan them!) and we were so proud. Then, flash forward to when Corbett was born. I remember the day the photographer came around to take a picture of him, what was to be his first official one. I remember how I had to tell her he was still in the NICU but to 'check back with us in a day or two'. WHAT was I thinking!?!?! (he stayed in NICU for FOUR weeks! Clearly denial!) Anyhoo---I wish I had found this service because I would have had them go in the NICU and take some official photos. I suppose I could have gottent he hospital photographer to do that same thing, but looking back, I wasn't sure if he would live or die, therefore would have wanted more professional ones-plus I was selective and selfish with who and when we visited him b/c the time was just so precious.
I'm rambling and this may not make any sense and I had no intentions of going 'this route' w/ this post but here we are.
All that said, I think this cause is such a great one and I think all the photographers that volunteer their time and services deserve a HUGE pat on the back. I can't imagine how difficult some of those sessions are but yet so rewarding.

After we finally brought Corbett home and adjusted to life w/ two babies, one on a heart monitor and colostomy bag, we scheduled a seesion with my favorite photographer. Corbett was around 4-5 months when we finally had pictures taken but they turned out SO good. I know Lorien would want to do 'naked baby pics' like she does and did w/ Gracie, but I wasn't sure that would work well w/ the lovely colostomy bag and all. Turns out, we didn't do totally naked and she strategically placed a blanket around his diaper (and bag) so none of that showed and he looked naked. Her awesome photography skills also allowed some shots to not show the diaper/bag. I was VERY thankful and glad she came out of 'retirement' (she's a stay at home mom of THREE) to do this for us. Ohhhh wait! I remember she put some on her site-see her sweet notes and the pics here (it's the second entry so scroll down--the first set of pics are her kids--beautiful!). I'm so proud! My favorite of Gracie is the one in the Watermelon hat. It was one of the last ones she snapped and believe it or not Gracie was being a PILL that day! Oh, and notice how much alike they look (the first pic is Gracie and the second one is Corbett)!

Ok I rambled enough....
Thanks for reading and have a great day!