Friday, May 29, 2009

Show us where you live Friday-Kids's Room/Nursery

Once again, it's time to show off the house. (Have I mentioned I love Fridays!?)
Kelly's Korner does these segments and I just love them!
I really get inspiration and although would love to change alot about my house, I think my DH (Dear Husband) would just croak! Can anyone relate?
I digress.

Off we go.....
And be fancy photography here and no clever shots. Just raw footage because, well...that is what it is. Raw messy

First, I will explain my set up. I have two rooms upstairs and three kids. Well, most of the time. My step son (SS) has a room and the TWO babies share a room (the smallest). For now. Remember DH is working on adding a bathroom in our FROG so SS can move up there. So, when you see their room you will see a really cramped situation mass chaos.

Here, you're looking into the babies' room from the hallway. Notice the pack 'n Play set up to the left. That's where my son sleeps, he's the youngest and I won't show a close up b/c he was IN it asleep when I took the pics! :)

Here, you can see the crib and two dressers, all painted black. The lampshades, which you can't see well, are a black and white gingham. The dressers both came from His House (thrift store) and we redid them and painted them. The crib was my crib. My mom saved 30-something ahem years for me to use. Believe it or not, it was in great shape so we redid it and painted that too. I hope to save it for my daughter as well. Ignore the Dora toy box with clothes piled on top! Ahhhhhhh

Here is the close up of the crib. Notice the two babies and 'Gabba Gabba' that are well placed together, sitting up. My daughter likes to play in her crib in the mornings while mommy and daddy get to sleep in

Here is the changing table with alot of junk on it. I have never used it as a changing table. But, here it is. I got it for $20 and did the same as the other furniture. Redid it and painted it black. This was actually the first nursery piece I got and painted....It got me thinking. Notice the picture in the back. Same as you saw in this post when we did kitchens, but it is my daughter.

This is the close up of her's.

Next, I take you to SS's room. Notice the railing that looks out over the den. This drives my mom nuts and is the reason she wanted us to move before Daughter was born. *sigh*

This is from the doorway.

This is to the left right inside. His room is actually the largest and my plan is to put Daughter up here. The small doors is a storage area. The piece the TV is on was my DH's grandmothers. Coffee table and sofa, His House.

View of the messy sofa and the bed. He used to have a skateboard hanging over the bed but just took it down this weekend because he said it kept falling off and hitting him in the head. And yes, for some strange reason I let him tape (horror!) posters in here. That won't be happening in the new room though (I knew we were going to redo this one).

And here is the view opposite the door. See how big it is. I do give him kudos because he keeps it pretty clean. :)

Now, I'm thinking of painting it spring green (will find an exact color on my Sherwin Williams color wheel) and I already have a chandelier to go in here. I'm excited, can ya tell!?

Whew, I'm glad we're done w/ that segment. I really don't like the rooms up there now. Too cramped. I can't fit the babies' clothes in the closet and drawers so they're just everyone and it's driving me bonkers. BONKERS, I say! I actually took a picture of the inside of their closet (they share one!) but decided not to show it for sheer embarassment!

My other rooms:



Spare Room

Dining Room

Until next week...........

Thursday, May 28, 2009

I need to update on some kid stuff...

Since I want to try to use this blog to record milestones for my kids and because I've been terrible about updating their baby books, I really should update some things they babies are doing.
Daughter, "G", is 2.5 years old.
She is in, what some call, the terrible two's but really, they aren't that bad they are terrible!

Her vocabulary is exploding and it's so cute! If I am upset (not the crying kind, but frustrated kind), she notices and says 'What's wrong Mommy?' (in broken G-language of course). She tries to take care of 'Bubbie' (and I've yet to understand WHY she calls him that but she came up with it and it's sticking it seems).

She has a full set of teeth and she loves to use them. She's eating non-stop and won't eat anything green (I wonder where she got that from!?!) I have tried to give her green things but she says 'not like!' and pushes it away. The only thing she will eat green are these. Go figure.

G is also now FULLY into TV. She never cared about TV until around 18 months but here we are. She LOVES Dora the Explorer. It's cute annoying at times.
Everything is 'MINE!' and 'I do it!'

She LOVES shoes and she can pick out her own shoes (and they match the outfit I've DH put on her) and knows which shoe goes on which foot. She takes them off and carries them with one hand, held together (paired correctly) and puts them up. Can you picture it!?!

Also, she's a neat freak! She's all about putting something in the trash, putting up dirty clothes, and closing doors/cabinets. I really hope this lasts!!! And wonder where she got that from.....hmmmmmmmm... :)

Then there is Son, "Cman". He is 1.5. Yes, I have Irish Twins. Yes, my life is nuts. Yes, I'm a nice and controlled insane mother most of the time. But, it's my life and I like it...Wait!?! Maybe not a good reference there.
Cman has had his share of struggles over the last year. If you want to read about that, go here.
Otherwise, we're moving forward and concentrating on the milestones he has crossed and where we are today. I'll add that he was a 6 week preemie so developmentally, he's behind.

Corbett has three teeth (they aren't fully in but are 1/2 way).

He is crawling all over the place now and we're so shocked every day/time. Of course, this happened when we went out of town to the beach. Nice. MOTY.

He is still on formula (Doc's orders b/c of his weight) but is eating some baby food.
Recently, he started forming 'mama' and 'dada' and it's music to our ears!

And one of our new things is waving 'bye-bye' which consists of little fingers being curled (not actually waving)'s so cute and so welcomed!
He uses that wave also as a 'gimmie that'. I'll fix his bottle which he loves-will be he$$ to get him off of it and he does his little wave until you give him his bottle.

I hope his favorite therapist, Jenn, has seen these things.

He still only weighs around 17 lbs and that is our main concern. Let's hope he starts to eat 'real' food or we'll be guided to a Speech Therapist. Great.

I think that's about all for now but this is likely to change or need updating weekly the rate they are changing and growing. It's so scary yet rewarding!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I am sharing a few treasures I found today .....

.....on a power shopping trip. I am very pleased and again hooked on trying to update my house. I fell short of this for about two years while having babies, you see.
They were on clearance at TJMaxx and well, I couldn't resist b/c they were great deals!
But, for now please vote on pic #1 or pic #2 for a place setting in my dining room. You have seen it right?
Pic #1:
This is my current table setting and is my formal china, new placemats and new napkins. The napkin rings were my grandmothers and so were the glasses. Silverware was my other grandmothers'.

Pic #2:
Same placemats and napkins but arranged differently and w/ 'new plates'.
I found these plates today as one/two of my finds. They were $3 for the big plate (that looks like a charger) and $2 for the smaller one (that has flowers in the center--not really 'me' but I like the look). I bought these plates today in hopes of starting my own white 'china' collection, with the intent of hanging dishes and serving platters on the wall in my (red) dining room. The more I see this setting, the more I want more of it! So, tomorrow if they have more available, I am getting enough to set my table.
So, you see, I will should have enough to keep the table set like that.
What is the vote you ask?
Whether I should do the 'new' one of keep the existing one for my uncle's visit this weekend. I haven't seen him in about 12 years (long story) and he's coming for dinner on Sunday, our treat.
So, VOTE please!

Now, on to show you my other finds. I hope you can see them well. All were on clearance but one and that is a 'bowl' I FELL IN LOVE WITH and it was $8.
It's hard to describe but hopefully you will see them in your area but it's made out of what looks like rolled tightly folded, I think magazine pages. It's so adorable and my plan is to put it in Gracie's 'new' room when it's done. This one favors pink and green so it'll go nicely since you know I have it all planned out by now.
Here is my next find...I've always admired candelabras but thought sterling (I swear I know how to spell it.....ugh) silver ones were a little 'much'. I found this one and snatched it up. It was, wait for it, $7.50! The bottom is like a frosted 'glass' instead of it being all silver. And yes, I know this isn't 'real' silver but I love it all the same. Just not sure if it goes in the middle of the table or elsewhere in my house.
What do you think???
(PS-I'm currently searching for a new table runner..that gold one 'fades' in the room)

Moving on...
Don't ask me what this box thingy is but I fell in love. It's kind of distressed white and has some Paris writing on the front. I think I'm getting into white (distressed) things..........hmmmm?
I want to hang it somewhere in or around the kitchen. Any suggestions? I'm thinking around the coffee maker and I'll keep Splenda Packets in there...? I know it's probably made for keys, but you all know I never do anything typical. :)
And my new wine stopper is right under it. You can't see it well (boohoo) but it's made of solid crystal or some material made to look like it and has an "A" etched inside it (not ON but inside). I love it! You can add this to my collection of A's, please!
Next my hodge podge of other stuff.
First, notice the Aqua Globe (back of box showing. sorry). I have wanted one for a while but found this one for $3.99 at TJ's. Steal. It's an orange one and doesn't really match my decor overall but I will find somewhere to use it.
Next, and you can't see it well, I found a cute hanging sconce-of-a-thing that was $2. It's between the magazine bowl and the candlestick, laying down. It has a dragonfly on it and a snail. I'm thinking of painting the whole thing black or red (another VOTE?) or leaving as it and putting it on my porch. If I paint it, it'll go inside....but WHERE?!?!? (You put a candle on the bottom).
Next, is the candle stick. It doesn't show up well here but it's gold with mirror tiles all around the bottom. It was $3!
Lastly, my black book. It is around 5x7 and was $5. It isn't a book,'s a storage 'box' as it opens and has storage. My intent was to get this one and a larger one and stack them but I forgot to grab the larger one. Remember, I was power shopping before picking kids up at daycare. BUT, plan to obtain one while grabbing my dishes. If black is gone, I'll snag a green one and pair them up or get a stack of three going and make an interesting color pattern (they had white, pink, black, and green---OH YEAH).

Total score today.........$55!
Updating my house and retail therapy.........PRICELESS!!
I'm baaaaaackkkkkkkkkkkk.
Stay tuned.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Show us where you live Friday....Dining Room Edition

So, here we are again.....Kellys Korner is doing more of Show us where you live Friday. I love this week so I hope you will enjoy the tour!

Welcome to my dining room previous EBay shipping and receiving as said by DH.

I am so glad this week is dining room as I really hated showing my spare room, or called a F.R.O.G. in the South . You can see that post here.

I will add that my comments come before the picture incase you are confused. Not sure if most do this or not but it makes sense to me. Off we go!

The most boring view so posting it first since you've seen my kitchen, or should have. This is the view from the kitchen.

So, here is a view from my front door. It's behind me and I'm looking into the right side. Remember my Foyer when you saw my den?

This is to the right. I will add, that when we first moved in, ALL the walls were white boring. I first painted the walls (or the uppers-the bottom is all white and moulding, nice.) a yellow but didn't like it always wanted a red room so repainted it a red, Chinese Red, to be exact. I LOVE it! Although it was hard to paint and isn't perfect, I like it.

Dramatic. Me. But in a good way.
I also feel the need to add that my chairs are not matching...well, not all of them. In fact, the table and 6 chairs came from the side of the road. That's right. Side. Of. The. Road. AND it was broken all up and in pieces.
My mom passed it, stopped, and asked the people who lived in the house if they wanted it. 'NO!' Apparently there was a domestic situation and the man smashed every piece. (Sad).
Another mans' trash is MY treasure.
I had it fixed and redone and here you go. I also just recently redid the fabric in the seats. Previously, they were an OLD outdatedpattern. Ugh.
Sorry to ramble but wanted to give you hope that trash=treasure and not everything needs to be new or matching! Have fun w/ it!

And I thought I would give you a close of to one of my husband's 'awards' from recent. He got this bowl for his 20 year service award celebration the other month. It's Waterford crystal ad came with a mahogany stand. First, who gives a male something like this!? But, secondly, we've come to appreciate it and I felt I had to display it and am glad I did. Like it? It's sitting under that big (red) mirror above-and I put a candle in it but just for this picture.

This is from the opposite corner and you can see the kitchen through the door frame. Start noticing all the animal print. It's my fav!!!

This view is kind of from the kitchen but just inside the dining room. This is a view of my grandmothers china cabinet, passed down to me. I LOVE it and once I move it (it's been moved only a handful of times since being passed), I leave it--and it's contents. The china inside was also hers with a few peices of my moms. My mom prized possession. And ignore the bouncy seat in the back ground.....I couldn't get rid of all the baby items! Heehee

This view is from the kitchen to the left. It's of my buffet that I love.

And I also love the mirror above it.

So, here you can see my always set dining room table. I recently updated my table runner during Christmas, the placemats, and napkins and mixed up my patterns some. Do you like it?

And here's a close up of my place settings. I like different combinations of things and most of my stuff doesn't match so keep that in mind.

You can't see it but the napkin rings are sterling and have a small "A" engraved on them. They were my grandmothers also and I use them since they match my married last name. Can we say nostalgic!?!

And because I loved my dining room at Christmas, I decided to include a few from then. We decided to have a Christmas party this past year. No clue why as if we didn't have anything else going on. That time of year is crazy for us, even outside of the holidays. My daughters bday is 12/20 and my son's is 1/31 so we're in the midst of planning birthdays as well as getting ready for Christmas.

Anyhoo--here you go. Some with flash and some without.

And I went all out this year....I had a tree almost in every room.

And I had to include the last one, even though it isn't Christmas totally. It was taken right before our Thanksgiving dinner. And yes, those are ornaments hanging already above my table. I just couldn't wait to try that idea I saw somewhere.

Well, I hope you have once again enjoyed your tour. I enjoyed showing you my dining room and can't wait to see yours and to show the next room of my house. I'll be sad we this comes to an end though.

Until next time.......

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Another post today....

So, the next couple of posts will be sort of random and out of order a bit, but it's how I'd like to
post them so bare with me. I did have to come home and post my 'Show us where you live Friday' just for Kellys Korner and you can see that post here.

Recently, DH and I went on a mini vacay. And adult one. We left early Wednesday morning and came back yesterday (Saturday). It's the best feeling in the world to come home to a toddler girl running toward you, screaming 'MOMMY!!!' And I later heard she was saying that morning, 'I want to see my Mommy and Daddy'. Aweeee

It was nice to get away for a few days. I will admit that it took us a while to stop listening for little voices/cries. Also, we kept wanting to go make a bottle, baby food, and change diapers.
I knew I would come home and feel like my babies had grown a TON since we were gone.
I was right.
Here you see Corbett snacking on a cookie.....
Notice his bib that we got for him while gone. It has a motorcycle on it and says 'Skid Marks Happen' LOL and if anyone knows him, this is his motto!!

And....apparently, we're now entering into our next phase of life.
Life with two toddlers.
He's moving.
And quite fast, I may add.
Today, I spent it chasing after both of them.
I was quite busy!

Gracie just loved my cowboy hat.
She had to put it on and much to our surprise she wanted to keep it on.
I, of course, thinks she looks adorable and like a future star......stay tuned! :)

She's a ham for the camera these days!
And I think she's precious.....

Hope you enjoyed seeing what we came home to after our mini vacay.
I truly missed my kids, but also enjoyed the time away.
On a side note, after we picked them up, Gracie jabbered on about something in the back seat and both of us kind of jumped. We were like 'what was that?'
Ahhhhhhh, maybe our vacay was too long.

Show us where you live Friday....or Sunday

Yes, I am late...why you ask?
Well, I was out of town on Friday and although Ihad already done my kids' room post, I understood there was a change. No biggie but here is my sorry excuse for a spare bedroom. I will say, though, that it won't be a 'spare' for long as you will see progress pictures at the end of how we are transforming it into a bedroom for my step son. By which, we had to add a bathroom. More on that later.

Off we go......

Our spare room is our FROG. Know what that is or is it a Southern thing?
It is a Funished Room Over Garage. We call it a FROG. Odd huh?

This is what the room used to look like. It was taken about 5 years ago right after we moved in and got settled. Behind that screen is out cat box. Cleaver huh?

This is the other side of the room. The couch came from His House (like Salvation Army) and is a pull out and is very heavy going to be a PAIN to get out of there when it's time .

The chairs (I have two just alike) also came from His House and they are (slip) covered in white denim. Seems unpractical huh? Not really since it is slip covers. They actually snap off and wash really well. Clorox is my friend!
This is the view of the computer table, which by the way was my grandparents. It's over 60 years old as it was the first piece of furniture they bought. I love that thing! And ignore the oboxious neon light in the corner. Not sure how DH swung that one by me.....No clue where it is now. Hmmmm.

I am including a few shots of this room decorated for Christmas. It's kind of cheesy though. This was a $10 tree and I mainly just packed it w/ lights so you could see it out of the window. This is our FROG, remember, so this window is really high.

And this is another view of our sad tree.

And this is what the room looked like as we starte rennovations earlier this year. This is the beginning of the new bathroom and this was where the table and PC were set up. See any neon light? Nope. Hmmm....??!

And here is a view of the whole thing. That light isn't staying-it just so they can see in there. I am VERY impressed with DH's handywork and although it's saving us a tone of $ in labor, the project is coming along very SLOWLY!
I'm particularly impressed that he installed this pocket door, and recessed lighting!

And here, the drywall goes up.

And the draywall is finished! This was taken about a month ago and that is they last time they have worked on it. A friend is helping DH and well, he's been preoccupied lately. *sigh*

I should add that when this room is done, it will allow me to split up the two babies so they will ahve their own rooms. I can't wait! It looks like a toy and clothes explosion b/c I don't have enough room for all their stuff. Stay tuned for that episode....

Hope you enjoyed the tour!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A quick blog about Gracie

I've been thinking of registering her for a gymnastics class this summer. as if I don't have anything else to do
I was nervous how she would 'do' in that environment and if she would really 'play'. Well, the daycare has the 'Fun Bus' come to the school once a week. You can read about the Fun Bus here. I thought it was a neat concept and have seen the kids enjoying it for several weeks now. I decided to try Gracie on that first. The price was reasonable so I went for it.
The 8 week session started yesterday.
I couldn't wait to get to daycare to ask them how she liked it. I guess they weren't too excited about seeing my baby girl play on the bus for the first time like me. *sigh*
BUT, I did find at least one teacher who said she watched her playing. She said Gracie was nervous at first but got on the bus. She said she enjoyed it and was playing and laughing. Maybe one Monday I can get there early enough to see her myself.
She got off the bus and said 'I had fun!'
Apparently, they come and get the kids who have paid to get on the bus, out of class. They stamp their hands and put a 'Fun Bus' sticker on their shirt.
When I picked up Gracie yesterday, she came running up to me and said 'I had fun on da-bus! I got sticker! MY sticker!'

And when Daddy came home, she proudly showed her the sticker. I enjoyed this moment b/c Daddy wasn't liking the idea of me registering paying for her for the Fun Bus.
And, I'll have you know that when I changed her into 'jammies' she wanted that sticker on her jammie shirt too. I suppose it's still there. Mental note to check that before washing.

Lastly....and not that I post every day.....I will be out of town after today. We're headed to the Beach until Saturday. No kiddos, adults only please! I can't believe it...we're so excited but I know I will miss my kids. Corbett pulled up all by himself yesterday so I'm quite sure he'll be walking by the time I get back. Not really, but that's how it made me feel.
I do, however, plan to get a 'Let's see your house Friday' post ready before I go and post it Friday whenever I roll out of bed and link it to Kellys Korner.
This weeks' room is the nursery or kids room. Should be interesting as mine looks like Once Upon a Child exploded in there!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

A new entry into the book that I need to write.....

You may or may not know but I am a leader at a local electrical company, in Customer Service. I have to admit, I DO love my job. I love many aspect of it and one of them is the neverending 'surprise factor' of it........

So......... Here is the latest.
I may just decide to post random weeklyblogs about such of things from my week. We'll see.
Until then, please enjoy the recent activities in La Petite Academy:

This is a VERY real and very crazy conversation between me and an employee:
Let's call said employee 'N'.
Preface: 'N' comes to my office first thing this morning (thankfully it's first thing). She has, in hand, a piece of paper (she's flashing it in my face as she sits down, it says 'XX Medical center....') and one bit container (that looked like > a Tide bottle) in a big plastic zipper bag.
Ok, now for the real convo....
N: (in a REAL fast tone) "I need to come in after 11am tomorrow b/c I have to drop off my collection then I'll come in and stay late (she's part time) to make up my time."
Me: "Repeat that please."
N: "I need to go to XX Medical Center at 11 tomorrow to drop off my collection that I have to do for the next 24 hours." (and she moves like she's going to stand up and leave!)
Me: "Wait!, N-what does this mean for you at work?"
N: "It means I need to collect my 'pee-pee' for the next > 24 hours and go turn it in tomorrow at 11 and I'll be in after > that to make up my time. Is that okay?" (SO many things wrong w/ this statement)
Me: "Um. Where do you plan to store this container? (WHY do I entertain this question? I think for entertainment purposes)
N: "In this container, in this zipper bag, under my desk."
Me: "ummmmm-N- I am thinking it is best to send you home. Take care of whatever you need to, and I'll see you after 11 tomorrow."
N: " Reaaaeeeellllyyyy?" (whiney voice)
Me: "Yes. What do you think I should do?"
N: "Well....I don't know...I hate to miss work. I did think twice about it this morning but thought it would e ok."
Me: "Well, think about it, N. This is a professional environment and you need to think about your Co-Workers and the sanitary reasons why this should not happen."
N: "But you don't think if it's kept under my desk, away from everyone, it would be okay for today? By-the-way, there is no 'pee pee' in here yet."
Me: "No, you need to go home. And thanks."
N: "ok! See you tomorrow! Bye!"

I later found out that these 'collections' need to be stored in the refrigerator!!!!!!!!!!!
OMG, gag.
These things only happen to me!!!!!!! Seriously!
Now tell you want a weekly post about the funny things that happen to me at work?

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Welcome to another episode of Cribs, Anderson style!

Once again, Kelly from Kellys Korner is doing Show us where you live Friday and this weeks' theme is dens! I am excited as I love my den. I showcased my kitchen last week and I really hate my kitchen so I am glad that week is over!

You can see my kitchen here, though.

So, off we go.........

This view is from my foyer, going into the den. The front door is behind me. Ugly light fixture I know...we're in the process of finding new ones for the whole house. You see, we've only been here a short time 5 years, sigh.

Here is a close up of the left side you see in the picture above. I just hung that mirror above the table last December. I couldn't find the 'right one'. Of course, when hubby hung it securely half a$$ it fell right off the wall! Luckily it didn't break but did scratch the table...oh well.

And a reverse view, looking back towards the front door. The opposite side (which I forgot to take pics of) has two palm tree paintings that I love.

I'm standing right on the edge of the foyer now, look up and out into the den. It's hard to see the picture above the door, but it is actually framed iron work design and it's FAB-O, in my opinion!

This view is from one corner of the room and the kitche is behind me. It shows the lights and high ceilings well, I think. And you can see the patio 'party' lights I have on on our porch through the windows and door. Kelly-are we going to be doing any porch or exterior episodes? :)

The foyer is behind me and to the left is the door to the Master Bedroom, you know....where we sleep the magic happens...LOL

The fireplace is behind me in this picture, foyer to the right, and kitchen straight ahead on the left. I desperately want to take most of that wall out so I can see into the den from the kitchen b/c that is where we spend most of our time. Any thoughts? Also, the walls need more artwork (especially if I don't rip that wall out) and something to go on top of that armoire (that we call the 'birdcage'-and you'll see why later.)

Not a great shot, but this is taken from the kitchen/eating area that you saw last week. Door in the upper left leads to our bedroom.

Another view, but closer up, from the kitchen into our den, looking up. I love the high ceilings! And you can't see it because I forgot to take a pitcure of it but to left and up is the railing between bedrooms--allowing you to look over into the den.

Close up of the mantel and fireplace, and of course there is Max and Ruby on the TV. Anyone recognize the epidsode?

And I know I need to frame the print above the mantel but I've been indecisive about how or what to go with. Any suggestions?

Here is a view from our bedroom (door is behind me). There are shelves to the right that I adore and there is a close up coming next. Like the animal print? I LOVE it....

Here is a close up of that wall/shelves I was mentioning above. I stole the idea several years ago from Pottery Barn, and added a few of my own touches. The mirror was my great grandmothers and I just love it. And not sure you can see it but I have some words (or letters) on some of the mats and all the pictures I took myself. :) Also, I am totally addicted to having things w/ the letter 'A' all different places in my house (did you noticed in the kitchen addition).

Here is the birdcage...see why we call it that? The foyer is to the right. When we look at this house, there was a baby grand piano in this corner....

Oh, and you'll notice the ceiling in the upper right. That's a repair that hubby has yet to complete from 4, YES 4!, months ago! At least the leak is fixed, I guess! (that's just plaster up there..he has to sand it down more *sigh*)

Upclose and personal w/ the birdcage. We house alot of family photos in there and photo albums. Like the lamp that is a little Italian man? He's holding a tray with wine glasses on it....Oh, and my monkey sitting on the nesting tables to the him too!

And there are two more 'a's in here two. A silver one by the Italian man and a smaller black one on the bottom. Yes, obsessed.

Now...this is the view from the upstairs balcony. The babies' room is right behind me and the opposite bedroom is currently my step son's but we're in the process of remodeling our FROG to add a bathroom so he can move up there and we'll finally be able to split the babies up! YAY!

WHOOPS!, I should have cropped out the small ridiculously huge toy pile in the corner there. It resides between the den and kitchen (since we're there most of the time) and can get out of control. I did, however, take the other pictures strategically.

Hope you have enjoyed your tour and if anyone has any decorating ideas please feel free to share. can't wait to see which room is next....any idea if we can find out so I can start working on that cleaning that area--I'm going out of town next week and want to be ready for Friday's post! :)