Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St Pats Day--Love All Things Green!

I am loving the color green these days. 
Today, of course, I have on green.  My kids have on green, and so does my hubby.
I've been in search of kitchen designs lately-mainly b/c we are about to remodel gut ours!
Here are a few kitchens with splashes of green in them (which I am loving but hubby will hate )

Here are a few images that make me swoon (and sorry no clue where they came from, so if you know please share!):
I love the touches of spring green in this kitchen....the tile is amazing!
Love the color of this kitchen.  Love the shelves and love the number. 
I don't really have a modern taste, but do like these colors together.  The lights is cool and the little green chair in there is awesome!

This, by far, is my favorite!!!  From the light fixtures, to the different shades of green (ON THE CEILING!?  Swoon), to the placement of the bar and seating, and the bar stools!!!
And sadly, here is my current kitchen.  As I said, we are in the midst of trying to remodel (trying to find a design that works=difficult) so hopefully you'll see a post in the 'near' future.  Hey, a girl can dream can't she!?!
Oh, and I hope my new-found-kitchen has one of these.........
Remember, girl=dream
(sorry it's blurry)
Thanks for stopping in and hope everyone has a Happy St Patty's day!
I love it!


Friday, March 5, 2010

Cheapo plastic frame turned Easter wall hanging!

I just realized I have been blogging for TWO years now!  3/3/10 was my anniversary! I may just have to do a giveaway for that!  Stay tuned!
I originally started out blogging, trying to document my kids' milestones.  It started slowly then blossomed into more of a crafting blog.  You can read one of my very first posts here
A little history on this project....At Christmastime, at work, we did a 'Silly Santa' or 'Chinese Christmas' gift exhange.  Assuming that you all know what that is but if not, here is an explanation, although there are some variations......

Here is what I got in my exchange.
One high quality plastic cheapo picture frame.
Complete with dust an inch thick on the glass.  Really.  No kidding.  Everyone laughed at me and my gift. 
BUT, I had a vision for this frame and immediately thought Easter wall hanging.  Not sure why, but I did. 
However, with it not being spray paint weather, I waited until recently to transform it.
Here is my frame mid-way through the transformation. I first spray painted the whole thing white. 
Then, I found my newest Friend, Brilliant Metals Pearl base paint by Valspar, found at Lowe's.  Sorry the picture isn't great, but it was taken at night, inside and I giddy with continuing this project.  I brushed on two coats (same night) and let it dry overnight. 
As the paint was drying, I took a peice of scrapbook paper and cut it to fit the frame size.  I found the 'Easter' letters at Hobby Lobby and simply glued them onto the paper.  I used E6000 glue for this, but only because that is what I had handy.  Someone pointed out to me they thought the 'S' was upside down, but I promise this is how it was in the package.  Could be upside down, and maybe I'll change it, but most likely not. 
Then, I added some pink rhinestones around the edge of the frame (which don't show up well), and found some sheer pink ribbon to hang it with. 

Here it is hanging on a wall in my kitchen going into the dining room.  I don't really decorate for Easter so I took it to my office at work--which I don't decorate for Easter either, but I wanted to show of my DIY high quality plastic cheapo Chinese Christmas frame. 

Thanks for stopping in!
I'll be linking to several parties this week so please check them out too.  . 

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