Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I’ve been MIA, but with good cause….

The holidays really put me behind for posting on the blog! Sorry guys, but I’m going to try to be better.

Since I’ve last posted we had Thanksgiving.

This year, was much of the same as previous. We had a relaxed time, but added a visit to one of my friends house before coming home to cook at our own. Tried to get some good pics since everyone looked nice, but here is what we ended up with:

1203092(Thanksgiving and other) 049

That same weekend, we picked out our main (yes, I have WAY more than one) Christmas tree.

1203092(Thanksgiving and other) 065

It was the day of our BIG rival college football game (USC vs. Clemson) so of course the kids were decked out in their CORRECT team outfits.

1203092(Thanksgiving and other) 070

Of course, not all of their moments are perfect.


1203092(Thanksgiving and other) 074

Next, we had

Hubby’s (big) family in town and at our house for Christmas. We had a great time! We/I took family pictures of everyone in front of my snowman (that I made from thrift store finds---OOO how I miss those posts).

This is MY family’s picture.

120709 (Florence Christmas) 033

And My kiddos….

120709 (Florence Christmas) 202

Then, we had our first Santa visit of this year.

I expected the opposite as far as kids, but here ya go:

121309 (santa and party) 004

However, she really like ‘Ho Ho’ this year so she went back for more!

121309 (santa and party) 016

HOPEFULLY, the next post will be a post showcasing my house decorated at Christmas.

We shall see. Such a busy time of year!

Thanks for stopping in!!!

Reid and crew