Thursday, January 5, 2012

Homemade lotion

Homemade lotion and one of the best I've tried!

Here is what you need:
16 oz. baby lotion (I used the Lavender scent)
8 oz. Vitamin E cream
8 oz. Vaseline
Misc. containers to store in, or to give as gifts in

Mix all 'ingredients' until smooth.

It should look like icing after you beat it.

Here is right before I put it into containers.  I put my lotion into a zipper bag, cut the corner (very small) and squeezed the lotion into my containers.  I had some small ones, and a few larger (recycled-yeah!) ones--all were given as gifts.  

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial and will give this a try yourselves.  It's wonderful lotion and I can't live without it, especially in the Winter months!



OneWildMango said...

oooooh - was just thinking of what I was going to put on my hands as they are starting to crack... guess I now have my answer! Now to find some cute containers to put it in and gift it in!!


jen ward said...

Does the Vaseline make your skin oily feeling? I work in a hospital and I'm always washing my hands and they are extremely dry right now, but im alwayd puttin gloves on and its very difficult if my hands are oily. Thanks

Reid said...

Hi Jen..thanks for stopping in. This lotion does not feel oily at all and soaks in very well. I have even put it on my face at night and I have VERY oily skin on my face. I LOVE this stuff!

jen ward said...

Thanks for responding. I will definitely be making this. All the girls at work will want some also. Lol

jen ward said...

Finally got around to making this and I LOVE it! I used the vanilla and oatmeal baby lotion and it smells great. Also having a little extra with the oatmeal wouldn't hurt either. So far its working great for my 6 month olds eczema. Thank you.