Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Birthday Follow up.....

Yesterday couldn't have been a better day!
You know how it started so here is how it ended.
I picked up Corbett (my mom had Gracie for the aftenroon) and he was in the BEST mood! I was very thankful! Alot of days he's so tired (from being held at daycare and everyone playing w/ him-yes, he's the daycare 'brat' much like Gracie used to be but WORSE) by the time I pick him up that he whines (not complaining here, mind you) until bedtime. But, he was GREAT! He was trying to sit up in his car seat and he was scooting all around the floor, playing w/ his toys. Chuck came home and brought me fresh flowers (which I LOVE), the sweetest card (from him AND the kids), a gift (gasp), and dinner. I was pleasantly shocked. I expected flowers and dinner, but not the card (and what it said) and a GIFT!? And, it was already in a bag, card filled out! Impressed.

We do our 'normal routine' (which is get kids unpacked and repacked for daycare-get your mind outta the gutter!), Gracie comes home and is a doll!

We put the kids to bed at normal time (7:30-8pm), then had a nice relaxing dinner. He fixed filets, scallops, and grilled potatoes (thought he was going to mash them but didn't, YUM). It was very nice!

I will post pictures tomorrow but for now, here are some from Easter (which was also amazing and I realize I haven't posted about that!):
My child ready to get all sugared up! ALL DAY
Can we eat yet? Corbett is like eat what!?
She loved finding eggs.
Our family..............

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