Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A day of reflection and celebration

Celebration first:

Well, today is my 30-somethingth birthday. :)

It has been a pretty okay day and other than on Facebook (which I LOVED), noone around here has said Happy Birthday to me or acknowledged it. BUT, that's ok. I actually love my bday and never get depressed (*one exception, explanation to come)
My boss (and one other friend) did though and behind it said, 'I hate you have to work'. I thought that was funny coming from my boss. I could have taken off, but I never do--the day AFTER maybe (not this year) but not the actual day.

But, my response to that statement was this:
'I welcome work on my bday, after all I could be in the hopsital (with Corbett) like I was last year.'

Now reflection:
Last year I was 'stuck' in the hospital with Corbett battling RSV. I don't think I have to relive how that WEEK started but just add that he was transported by ambulance b/c he was 'turning blue'......AHHHHH.
So, that weekend and week I almost lost my mind. For those that follow Stellans story, I went through some of those same feelings MckMama goes through however our experience was NO WHERE what they are going through. I think I cussed out every nurse, doctor, janitor, and even a Respiratory Therapist or two b/c noone could tell me WHEN we would go home.
My visitors on my bday consisted of one close friend and my Mother In Law (MIL). That's it. No phone calls either. I was bitter.
But, that's past me and I celebrate this year having two healthy kids and a wonderful husband. My morning started like this:
Chuck brought Gracie in to me (getting ready for work at 6am) and said tell Mama Happy Birthday. She didn't of course, but kissed me. The fact he remembered was a good sign too. :)

Next, he offered to take the babies to daycare for me (mainly b/c it's raining and he does this for me when it rains...aweee). I agreed. But, at the same time was sad b/c I love spending as much time w/ them as I can before work and love getting them 'all settled' in school before leaving for my hectic day.

Then, my mom offers to pick up Gracie today (she hasn't picked them both up to 'help me'. I agreed. But, at the same time I was sad b/c I love hearing her yell "mama!" and run to me when she sees me. It's the highlight of my day and I can't wait until BOTH of them are doing this! Double whammy!

So, I think I will go home, open a bottle of wine and hope hubby at least brings me flowers home! :)
Oh, and a dear friend of mine took me to one of my favorite places for lunch, Grouchos, and made me some cute scrapbook pics/pages of Gracie from the park the other day.

I've had a blessed year and day!


The Ericksons said...

Happy Birthday Reid! Didn't realize it was your day! Hope it was special and one for the memory books! Take care!
P.S. It's not nearly the same experience you had last year on your birthday, (but it will make you laugh) but for mine in 2007, I was in labor and pushing! Of course the drugs helped, but what a way to spend your birthday-spread open for the world to see and feeling the pains of labor! Good Grief!

Krista said...

Happy Birthday REid! Sorry I'm late. I hope you had a great night last night!