Friday, October 16, 2009

It’s So Very Cottagey Home Tour

I am featured at Cheri’s It’s So Very Cottagey Home Tour here. It’s her second week and I am so thrilled to be apart of the new excitement! Please bookmark her or follow her and see the great tours each week.

Please go check out Cheri’s site for more great home tours (she’s doing 3 homes a week!). Not only am I featured in her second week of Home Tours but I was featured in her most recent post today, here. You can see that post here, and see my Fall craft project.

Welcome to my home!

My husband and I have lived here 6 years. We looked at probably 10 houses and when we walked into this one, we knew it was ‘the one’. No work was required but we knew we wanted to change a few things, right off.

This is the front of our house in the RARE snow we had last year.

012009 021

This is the front of my yard, in the Spring.

0602092 050

This is the entryway into our home. The light fixture has since been painted Oil Rubbed Bronze!

When we moved in, all the walls were painted white. And when I say all, I do mean ALL.

All. White. Walls. Everywhere.

We weren’t in the house long before we started painting, however will admit that the walls you see here didn’t get paint until about two years ago.

050609 006

This is our den, looking in from the kitchen. Ignore the toys.

050609 026

This is another shot of our den from the other side of the room, beside the fireplace.

050609 032

Sorry it’s a little blurry, but here is a shot of wall behind the couch. This is one of my favorite walls. The mirror was my grandmother’s and is VERY old. I got this idea from Pottery Barn. The photos I took myself.

050609 034

This view is from my bedroom door. It’s hard to see the color well in the pics but I LOVE this color. I saw it in someone else’s house and knew that was the right color. It’s Mannered Gold, Sherwin Williams.

050609 036

A closer look of my favorite wall. Sorry, I just can’t resist it……

050609 040

This is the guest bathroom which is located just as you step in our entryway. It desperately needs updating and after the Holidays that is one of our first projects. Wallpaper will come down, mirror replaced and decor probably revamped. Now, what color should I paint it? I am loving a pumpkin color, but what do you all think? I already have a new light fixture for it, found at His House for $3!

Oh, and the gold you see in these pictures, has also been painted with Oil Rubbed Bronze….that weekend, nothing was safe in my house!

061109 031 061109 029

If this were Cribs, I would say ‘Here’s where the magic happens’ … But, it’s not so welcome to our bedroom.

What’s that you ask? What kind of headboard is that?

Well, I’d love to tell you more about that. It’s actually two doors I found at His House (Ya’ll DO know what that is, don’t you? Sorry, I should have explained earlier. His House is like Salvation Army) for $5 each. (The bottom door you can’t see because of the pillows, sorry.) But, picture them in white paint, peeling. Hubby stripped them and stained them a dark mahogany. I put on some brass hardware I already had and a glass doorknob from another house. We bolted them right in the wall.

The next picture is the opposite of the room from the bed. Excuse the wipes holder. And I really don’t like the scrolly stuff around the top of that insert. Ideas?

We painted the walls Latte by Sherwin Williams.

062409 (housewares) 014 062409 (housewares) 024

Here is the (again)white master bathroom. We haven’t gotten around to redoing this yet, but it may be a 2010 project also. The walls are wallpaper and is in satin and shiny white stripes. EEK. I do, however, love the size of it and love that it has a big fan in there.

061109 0372

Oh, and doesn’t two master bath sinks scream ‘Marriage saver!’

061109 035

Here is our kitchen. I don’t really like it hate it but we realize we will need to pay someone to redo it. Maybe in year 2011!?

The counters are terrible and I would really like it more open to the den…oh, and a little larger would be nice. We spend most of our time in here so it would be worth it to us. And I never thought I would be one to have stuff all over her fridge, but here ya go.

The walls in the kitchen are Kilim Beige, again SW

032909 house 002

Here is our dining room. I’ve always wanted a nice dining room, and to me, this is it. Again, the walls were white and I thought I wanted a yellow dining room. We painted it yellow and it just didn’t look right plus I’ve always wanted a red dining room –why do I listen to others so much!? It took Hubby many MANY coats but in the end, we love it. The color is Valspar Fabulous Red. The light fixture has also been….yes, you guessed it- painted with Oil Rubbed Bronze.

The china cabinet was my grandmothers and is filled with all her old china. It’s fragile but I love it. And, I do try to keep the babies out of here when possible.

Lately, this area has become my craft staging area, but has also been known as ‘EBay shipping and receiving’ (thanks to Hubby).

052009 008052009 006

Now, let’s take a stroll upstairs. This is overlooking the balcony that separates both bedrooms. See the toy pile in the right…let’s just say that Toys R Us has put a warrant out for some of their toys.

050609 042

This is the larger of the two rooms and current but not for very long is my step son’s room, but soon to be my daughters.

The wall color is Nomadic Desert, SW.

Notice the lights I ‘let’ him put up around the window…..Yeah, I had a weak moment.

051009 010 051009 011

Across the hall is the nursery. Currently, both babies are in the same room and it’s really cramped (hence the clothes stacked up on the toy box that will get a makeover soon)

All the furniture is painted black gloss. The dressers came from His House and were $25 each. The crib was mine when I was a baby. My mom saved it for me and I’m so glad I did. It’s still in great shape and with a coat of gloss black paint, looks like brand new. The changing table (not pictured-because that side of the room was HORRIBLE) was a craigslist find for $25 and is also black.

Wall color is Yellow Frost by Waverly Home Classics.

051009 021

A bathroom is between the bedrooms, in the hallway. It has the same wallpaper bathroom theme and will get a makeover eventually. The wallpaper is off white and khaki stripped.

051009 033

Want to see one more bathroom?

Well, it’s almost a bathroom.

Remember, I said the babies are currently in the same bedroom. Well, that’s all about to change! The plan for the last year *sigh* has been to redo our FROG (ha—anyone heard of that before? It’s Finished Room Over Garage), add a bathroom and move step son in there so the babies can have their own rooms.

Before, the FROG was just a TV/Computer room and we rarely spent time up there. We knew if we moved step on in there, it really needed a bathroom so the Hubster took on this ‘little’ project. We (ok, HE) have learned a lot and it’s been trying at times, but will be so worth it. I am planning a whole post around this renovation so please make sure to come back and see the before, during, and after. I’m amazed and know you will be too!

Until then…here’s a sneak peek. A shower was installed and tiled. And my favorite, a pocket door leading in! Yes, hubby did it all! Plumbing, wiring and everything! And No, he’s not for hire. (you’re welcome Hubby)

083109 057 083109 055

This is the entry into the ‘back’ of our house. But, it’s not truly the back, but is the side, going into the kitchen.

And my favorite flower…hydrangea. It does really well and I have three more beside it.

The red dresser was a His House find, $25, and although it’s here now, the plan is to give it a coat of paint and put it in my daughters room.

0602092 039

I know I should stop there, but I just can’t resist adding a few pictures of my home at Christmas. It’s my favorite time of year and last year, I really outdid myself. I put up 5 trees. Three inside and two outside. Below is our main tree and although you can’t see the details well, the colors were black and gold with feathers and a ton of white lights (about 1500!). Below is also our entryway with the front door (which is open) in the reflection of the mirror.

121408 046 121408 023

This is a view of our breakfast area, which you didn’t see above but it’s opposite the kitchen picture you saw earlier.

121408 043

Our dining room, decorated for a party we decided to have (we haven’t had one since we’ve been married).

121408 047 121408 048

This was the porch, same party. Tree was decorated with old style ornaments.

Like the bar area?

Stocked and all ready! Yes, you’re welcome this year!

121408 045

Here is our bedroom.

This tree was decorated in all white, some silver, and ice skates and ice cycles.

And I am really laughing that ‘the naughty chair’ made it into the photo. See it in the bottom left? teehee-oops!

122608 017

Somehow, I forget to get a picture of the front of the house and the tree on the front porch. *sigh*

But, the front has garland, white lights and red bows. Simple.

The front porch tree was done in big ornaments and had a polka dot theme.

Well, I know it was a long one but there is the tour of our home. I hope you enjoyed the tour and I really hope you check out Cheri’s posts every Friday to see more great home tours.

As always, I LOVE comments so please leave me some!



Its So Very Cheri said...

Oh my goodness-your house is beautiful. I do a bunch of trees too and I got a huge, beautiful tree last year for free from someone just wanting to go smaller.YEAH!
I love the wall colors as well.

I need to know what HIS HOUSE is.

Lysana said...

LOVE it, Reid. Your house is gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous!

Annette said...

Your house looks so inviting and warm. Beautiful! Thanks for visiting my blog.

Jane (Frugal Fine Living) said...

Your house is gorgeous! I love all the wall colors you have chosen. Your Christmas decorations were so very lovely, too.


blushing rose said...

You have a gorgeous home, warm & welcoming. Christmas comes alive in your home ... it does in mine, also. TY for sharing , Reid.

Have a great week. TTFN ~Marydon

AD said...

Hi! I like the color combination of your kitchen. My walls are also kilim beige. What color are the kitchen cabinets? I'm looking for a good white to paint them as well.

shireesha vardhamana said...

what is your living room couch color and chair colors? Are they dark brown and Burgundy?