Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Back to the gym for me today.....and some pics

I finally got Twlight in the mail and am getting ready to jump on the treadmill for a while and see if I get into the book. I seriously will be surprised if I like it as much as everyone else does but promised Leigh Anne I would go in with an open mind. We shall see.

I am also including a few recent pics of the kids.
Here is one of them sitting together at daycare. Sweet huh?
We got out in the yard one of the warm sunny days we had in early February. Here is Miss Grown.....such a mess!

Corbett is really trying to scoot around on the floor. It won't be long now! Notice Roomba in the backgroung....hope it doesn't suck him up too! lol

Grandma and Grandad are always good for giving chocolates! This was Valentine's day. We took Grandma roses and visited for a while.
Here is my Valentine Dinner! He stepped outside the box and made something different this year. (My usual is scallops and steak) She crab soup, ribeye, lobster tail and grilled potato! all my favs! And he sat down and watched Mama Mia with me! Thanks hubby!!!

Poor Corbett......this was this past Sunday. She wanted to 'ride' (what she calls her baby stroller) Bubbie.....I had to strap him in because she was RUNNING through the kitchen with him in there. I was agraid he was going to tumble out! So funny and cute.

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