Friday, February 20, 2009

Update on Corbett's appt/test from yesterday

First off, I'd like to explain why nobody knew we were having the test and's because we didn't either. It's a long boring story but basically last time we saw the Dr. their appt system was down so the receptionist (from He$$, as we now call her) said she would mail our appt card. She never did, or we never received it and didn't know about the appt AND test until the reminder call (thank goodness for those!). Turns out we needed to take Corbett to the hospital for an Xray before the appt. In the end, we worked it out to make it happen, as it was important to his health.

Now on to the results and doc appt details. The bad news first...the Xray (which was a dye test for the reflux of his kidney) still showed a large amount of reflux (remember he has the worst grade possible, grade 5). The doc said in about another year, he can do a procedure (don't know the official name) to help but wants him to grow some more and in that time, it can correct itself so it's a waiting game for now.

BUT, the good news is that his latest bloodwork (taken end of January) shows his kidney function is almost perfectly normal!!! To recap, kidney function is measured by the creatinine levels (sorry is misspelled that one!). When Corbett was born, his creatinine was 3.7 (babies should have a range under 1.0- 0.8 to be considered normal)! It gradually came down but when he was discharged from the NICU it was still up around 2.4, which is why we were referred to a Nephrologist. His creatinine has continued to decrease over the last year, but it is currently at....ready? Drum Roll please......
The doc was so impressed all he could do is shake his head. This doc has been involved in Corbett's life since my 20 week ultrasound (where we identified the single kidney that had reflux--he and my OB regularly met and discussed Corbett). He looked at us and says 'has it really already been a year? but, a long one I know'. We've come a long way since those days in the NICU, worried about his creatinine levels, kidney function, and possible kidney transplant one day. Well...... the doc said that kids with these levels (and if they continue) almost never need a transplant!!!! OMGosh..........such music to our ears since this has been the biggest, long-term problem he could face. Of course, only time will tell, but for a doc to give such hope,'s almost non-existent! Now, dare I tell our parents for fear of false hope? Maybe I'll shoot them an email and downplay that part and just give the creatinine levels (they regularly ask about this so it won't be out of the 'norm', ya know?).

Well, that is the latest and greatest for those who were wondering about our appt yesterday.

And I can't resist adding a picture or two, even if they weren't from yesterday.

Doesn't he look like a little man w/ his plaid shirt!? Sweet baby boy....
A TRUE Daddy's still me heart!

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