Friday, February 27, 2009

A Day at the Park....

So, Saturday February 21st was a nice day and we decided to get out and enjoy the weather. We bundled the babies up and headed to a nearby park, Riverfront Park. They had supposedly added to it, so we wanted to check it out and get some walking in, AND I wanted to get some good nature pictures. Gracie didn't want to cooperate and wouldn't get down and run around so I could experiment snapping some pics....all she wanted to do was 'ride' (in her stroller).

Corbett slept the whole time (1.5 hours).

Then, we found a playground and Gracie was in Heaven.....BUT, it was a little advanced for her but we made do with the slide.

She really wanted to do the Monkey Bars! YIKES. She cried when we left.
Then, we went to Applebees. Going to lunch w/a toddler is becoming challenging! (no pics)

And here are a few of my photos that I experimented with my camera....what do you think?
Know what this is??

Like Father, Like Daughter.....

These are the in new part...the fountains...
This is my favorite picture from the park, aside from my kids' pictures....

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