Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A random post and pics

I thought I would be better than this updating, but apparently not. Oh well.

Chuck and I are planning a trip (long weekend) to the beach in May and I REALLY need to lose at least 15 pounds by then---wish me luck! I really do feel better when I exercise, but finding the time has been a challenge. I am trying to go mid-morning (at work) and that works out ok when I can squeeze it in. I'm reading Twlight (yes, I'm behind everyone else but really didn't think I'd get into anything related to Vampires-so far, it's not bad though) while I walk on the treadmill. Yes, I can do

Here are a few recent pics.
I found Gracie some black cowboy boots on EBay (LOVE it!) for .99 and we're both proud of them....take a look:
And this dress was only a few bucks off EBay....Yes, I went nuts!
My Little Man is really starting to catch up, grow up, and sit up....'Look at Me'~
All smiles.....
Growing so fast! (And we're almost done w/ the helmet...his 'melon' is almost 'perfect'! YAY
Until next time......
PS---I wonder who follows this blog or reads it...don't think many! Maybe since Shaney found it, she'll ck it out more now too....


CharleyJax said...

I love the decoration on Corbett's helmet. It makes me think of a bowling ball... I think you should "bowl" with him! Tee hee!
They're getting so big.

Krista said...

I read - when you post ;)

When people don't comment - you never know whose reading. I have the same question about my own blog.