Monday, March 9, 2009

What a wonderful weekend we had!

The weather was perfect- in the 80's all weekend! We both have Spring Fever REALLY bad now! We were lucky enough to have a little Grandma competition and had both sets lined up for the weekend so we could get out, enjoy the weather and celebrate Chuck's bday (REAL late). Saturday, we rode with some friends and Saturday night we met some other friends for dinner. Friday, Chuck was so excited, he started getting the bike cleaned up after work Friday. He washed it and wiped it down good....and dried it with a leaf blower! I thought that was SO funny, and so like something he would do. I called it 'how to dry a bike, redneck style'.....ahhhh
(And ignore our messy garage!)

Of course Gracie had to 'ride' too so he let her ride from this spot to the spot in the garage (yes, I was nervous still) and she screamed when they got off! She LOVES riding.....she rides the dirt bike and 4 wheeler with him and she loves it, and loves to go fast. I think I'm in trouble......(but am glad she's not afraid of riding....)
Apparently, all the kids at school have 'gasses' (glasses) for when they go outside. Her teacher went to buy her some so she could have her own. Now mind you, she's got two pair at home she HATED until now.........she's a trip.

Ok, so this is my wild side. I'm sure anyone reading this isn't surprised, but it HAS been a while so just had to get a picture and brag. We had SO much fun riding today. It truly has been a while but we hope to do it a little more often. We started out around 11am and got back home around 4:30. Weather was B-E-A-U-tiful!

Here's me and Kristie....we were at Boondocks, which really IS in the Boondocks. It's close to Dano's (that closed, sadly) but NOWHERE near CLOSE to how the place was at Dano's. Hard to explain, but I'll just say I don't think we'll be headed way back out there for a while. We also stopped at Dam Bar and Grill and Anthony's.

This is later this same night (Sat). We met a friend of mine (her hubby was too sick to come, poor thing). We had a blast. Chuck and I were kinda tired, but we made it-I mean, who wouldn't take advantage of a babysitting day AND night.
Well................we almost made it! Hahaha. Ignore his eyes...he can NEVER take a picture right-which is why we hardly have any of us together. That, and the fact that I'm always the one taking the pics!
We did have fun, but were also ready to see our babies the next morning. I had forgotten to Spring Forward so by the time we picked them up it was 11am! oops---
Gracie was SO loving all day-I ate it up! Well, let me say she was sweet until bedtime....the time change has REALLY messed with her this year! Ugh. Today was rough too--taking her in daycare. She doesn't understand going to bed while it's light out. Tonight and this week should prove interesting-wish me luck!

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