Thursday, March 5, 2009

New Sites found, interesting....

So, before I gave birth to Gracie and Corbett, I tried to make freezer meals and stock up. Life is so hectic with two babies, that I am thinking of doing this again. I will admit, though, that Chuck does most of the cooking but even at that, we are so late eating (eating after the kids go to bed--oh, the horror that we don't eat together or the same thing...but I regress). We like to sit around on Sundays and cook anyway so why not make us some meals as well as more baby food (remember, we made all of Gracies and have done most of Corbett's although we can't perfect apple sauce so he gets jarred....) my search of blogs (I supposed I'm getting addicted ??), I found two sites that I book marked. One is for a blog that posts and talks about $5 dinners. You can find it here. Kind of a neat site....Hope you enjoy.

I also found one that bosts about cooking a months' worth of meals all in one day. I can see doing a week and have a friend who does this successfully, but just not sure about a month. I think I'll refer the site to my friend Mary to see what she thinks. It has some baby food recipes on there too.

Of course none of this could be possible without the help of one of my favorite products!
If anyone reads this and has some recipes they want to share, please feel free!

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Krista said...

Cortney from Once a Month Mom and I went to middle school and high school together.

She and Erin from 5 dollar dinners both live in my area - but I've never met Erin. She has been on the local news though.