Sunday, September 27, 2009

Recent Thrifts

On a recent trip to Good Will, I found some neat treasures.

My total bill was $12!

Clothes for Fall for my kids.

092709 018

A Christmas wreath for $1! No, those decorations will not stay on…. you know me. It’ll be stripped, fluffed out, new bow and tons of white lights. I can’t wait!

Rafia .50

Frame .25

Green ‘foam’ hat .50 (which will be part of a Halloween costume…more to come.)

092709 020

The hat was a hit with my daughter and that isn’t even part of her costume! Just had to share a cute photo.

(and as you can see we’re getting ready for Halloween already here!)

092709 022

Thanks for stopping in and please check out more great finds at Rhoda’s!



Kammy said...

What fun ! I too have been buying wreath stuff at GW - it is way cheaper then the hobby stores - they also price this type of stuff cheap !
p.s. Your little girl is a cutie !

Dragonfly Treasure said...

Great finds..what a cute hat. Can't wait to see the rest of the costume ;~) Wish we had a closer GW
ps. thanks for your visit!!

Blue Creek Home said...

She is a cutie in the green hat!

Wreaths are always a good purchase.
I'm sure you will makes yours beautiful!

Michelle said...

What gorgeous babies in your banner picture! I love to shop our GW store. I haunt the cut glassware!!

Shauna said...

Great deals and what an adorable picture!