Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Self Revelations-Honest Scrap Award

I can't say this is a link party, but when I ran across it, I had to do it. You see, I love these things and while I have been on a posting hiatus, I simply have to get back into the game. So, here we go!
I saw this post/idea while over at Lotta's and thought it would be neat to do to kick the week off. I am supposed to post blog 10 things about myself (that I think you may or may not know), then tag 10 bloggers, let them know about it and they link back to me when they post or accept.

1. I am currently addicted to thrifting. It's an obsession really. I can't pass a thrift store (usually His House or Good Will) without stopping in AND without buying at least something. It's driving my husband crazy, and he recently said I need to start selling some of these things. *gasp*.

2. I secretly am sometimes glad to be back at work on Mondays. Don't get me wrong...I love my weekends and love having the kids with me all day but come Sunday night...whew.

3. I rarely have to cook. My hubby loves to cook and does all the cooking in our house. And I love it.

4. I am a 'planner'. Big time. Most of the time, that works out well for us, but it's the times when something changes my 'plan' (even in the slightest) that makes me crazy. Granted, I have let alot of that go after kids, but sometimes it comes back full force. (another reason I like #2 above)

5. I love my job. No, really I do. I've always enjoyed working and was raised with high work ethics. (yet, another reason I sometimes look forward to #2).

6. I am one of those that has a hard time painting wood. I don't have a problem painting small things (such as frames, boxes, etc) but hesitates painting wood furniture. I currently have a pair of twin beds that I just can't bring myself to paint. They are old and pretty and kind of wanted them Heirloom White in my daughters room, but for the life of me, can't do it. I also bought an old dresser off Craigslist that I 'can't' paint. (and that's why I bought it off Craigslist for $ I COULD paint it!)

7. I love my husband. He's truly my soul mate. I can't imagine being without him or being in my kids' lives. That said, he does do stuff that gets on my nerves! I guess that is common, but just had to get it out. :)

8. I loathe exercise. Period. But, will admit that I like how I feel afterwards.

9. Although not sure I have the talent for it, I would love to be a photographer.

10. I love the Fall. I love the crisp breezy air, all the mums, pumpkins, being able to get outside with the kids more (it's so humid here during the Summer), the State Fair that comes to town this time of year. I just love the Fall!

(and what post wouldn't be complete without pics---don't you enjoy pictures with your blog post reads? I do! These are a couple from last Fall. I know it seems odd that in the first one they are in 'summer' clothes and the second one is all bundled up. Believe it or not this was around 2 weeks apart.)

Thanks for stopping in and please feel free to do your own Honest Scrap Award post.
PS--I know I didn't tag anyone--just wanted to post these. Enjoy~!


Lysana said...

Ohhh myyyy gosssssh...look at how tiny Corbett was then! Awwwww! And Gracie is precious, of course. :) We have to get our twin kids together sometime - while they are still "twins!" :p

Jennifer@ChesterAndDonkey said...

Ooh, I'm right there with ya on number 4! I plan for everything and I'm so snippy when my plans don't play out! :) As always, love the pictures of your cuties - they look so cute!