Wednesday, July 29, 2009

beaches, dolphins, and sea turtles, oh my!

Sorry I have been MIA!
We took our annual family beach trip last week.
We have been going to Garden City for the last 7 or so years but decided to change up a bit this year and try Edisto. It was a great beach and a busy week! This was the view from our house.
Both Corbett and Gracie enjoyed the beach this year. Gracie actually played in the sand and water all day.

Chuck Jr. learned kind of to surf and actually got up one time.
Oh, and he also met a girl......don't think anything became of it but still.....a sign of what's to come.
We took the boat out one day and had a nice time. We went around 'the sound' and saw some dolphins jumping near some boats. I tried to get a picture of it but just couldn't really well. (so didn't include that one--we were too far off).
BUT, one of the most exciting things was we saw sea turtles being born! We couldn't believe it! The 'Turtle people' (people helping to protect them) came and told us there were two nests right in front of our house and to keep our porch lights off and no flashlights.
Well, one night they came and told us they were getting ready to be born so we went to see them. Gracie was so cute, watching for them. They came out and oh my how amazing it was to see all those little turtles head for the sea. The picture below was as good as I could do with no flash. Aren't they cute?
I was excited to get to spend alot of time with my babies. They kept me busy wore me out .
Monday was hard leaving daycare.

It's Scuba Steve! No, wait, wrong gender.....
It's Scuba Shashie!!
As I said she enjoyed the true beach this year. She played very contently most all of the days. (whew)

I was excited to see how Corbett would do in the sand this year since last year he slept most of the time on the beach. I could just picture a sun-kissed, smiling little boy, toes in the sand.

Instead, got this.

Maybe next year.....(but, to his defense we had taken some a battery of family pictures and he was just spent.
See, here's one of Gracie:
And here we all are.....The Andersons

Thanks for stopping in and I notice the pictures look grainy but don't on my PC so sorry!


Jennifer said...

Looks like fun! Love the picture of your view! Glad you're back! I missed ya!

Lysana said...

Looks great, Reid! I love your pictures! And you DO have a gorgeous little sun-kissed baby should have posted one of those pictures! But too funny. :) And the baby turtles were too cool.

Mary Heiss said...

The family picture is GREAT, Reid! So glad you had so much fun!

Judy said...

Love your beach pictures.

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