Monday, July 6, 2009

Latest Thrifty Treasures

Here are my latest finds....
All of these came from His House and were $11.50 for all!
The pair of lamps were $5 each, large tray $1 and smaller tray .50.
Of course you know the trays will be chalk boards....wait, they already are as I painted them yesterday! The smaller one will be in my daughters room hung by a colorful ribbon.

I liked the details of the lamps and they already have a coat of black paint on them. Now, I am on the hunt for some cheap cool shades. I don't normally like matchy-matchy but may use these on my buffet. If not, I will split them up.
This Beauty came from Good Will and was $2. It's already black as well....just gotta decide which spot to put it in...

Remember when I found these little plates (2 for $1)....well, I found this matching cup to go w/ one of them at His House. $1! Now, I will be on the lookout for another one. I have several of these plate/cup sets and LOVE them for a small gathering. The ones I have though were my grandmothers.

Remember this find from Big Lots? I didn't like the design on it (and it was a tad too white for me) but I couldn't pass up a tray (LOVE them) at a good deal.
I painted it Heirloom White then distressed the corners and edges some...

Then, I put scrapbook paper on the bottom (Yes, it was hard matching up the pattern...not perfect but it'll do).

And for now, here is it's home....

Remember this tray find here.

I didn't like how red it was.
I painted a darker red over the whole thing (looking back, that probably could have been left out) then wiped a black paint over most areas. Then, I painted a gloss over it to make it shine more. Know the look I was going for?
This is the area the tray is in's the before
And here is the after. I love this area now.

BUT..............someone please tell me what I can do w/ this monster! I bought it with intentions of trying the above technique but not sure how it would work on the platter. So.............HELP

That's it for now............Thanks for stopping in!
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Jennifer said...

Awesome finds! Your serving trays turned out very well ... I love the scrapbook paper one! I just spray paint my entire platters and I always love the way it turns out, but I'm dying to chalkboard paint one!

~~Carol~~ said...

That's so funny how everything is already painted black! You don't waste any time when you want to transform something! I'm so lazy about that sometimes. Love that chalkboard tray, and the wood tray looks great too. I wish you had included instructions on how to decoupage that scrapbook paper to the bottom, because I ALWAYS end up with bubbles and rips!

Enchanted Rose Studio said...

What great trays! I love the decoupage one! Thy makeovers came out great!

Thanks for sharing!


Amanda said...

I stumbled across your blog and noticed the plate/cup set that you have. I picked up a box of 4 sets of these exact same ones a while ago at Goodwill. It was an impulse buy, and I haven't found a good place for them. I would love for them to go to a good home :) If you are interested in them, I can get them to you; my email is

~Caro~ said...

Beautiful trays there!! Great finds!

jenstet said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your "monster" tray! The tree is all about 'family' for me. It's silver plate, no? Shine her up and show her off. I would attempt to hang it or display it vertically. Too large for plate hangers? Prop on an easel? On a nifty shelf? Even fudge a ribbon on the back...deep red...and hang her that way. Dress her up with a tassel. Oh...the options... I hope that I run across such a treasure one day. Thank you for sharing.

Kendra @ Domestic Princess in Training said...

All great finds. I love the tray transformations. I just completed my 1st chalk board tray transformation last week. I have many more to do! I bet it was hard lining up the scrapbook paper but looks like you did a good job to me!