Friday, July 17, 2009

Kids Birthday parties.....

I am late joining Kelly's blog party and this week is Kids Birthday Parties. I LOVE the variety that she is doing and can't wait for each week. Don't know who Kelly is? Well, GO HERE! She's precious and has an even more precious daughter! So, this week I will be showing a few parties.
Here is my step son's birthday party two years ago. April 06. He turned 11.
Not alot of decorations but this is the porch where we celebrated.
(we LOVE our porch)

And he wanted oysters (yes, OYSTERS) the next day. Yum!And here is (sorry these are smaller) the porch decorated for my daughter's 1st birthday. We did pink and green. This was December 07.
I started this for my daughter and have done it three times now. I cut '1' cookies out for her 1st birthday. :)
She had little interest in her cake. *sigh*
Opening gifts.
This is 'the porch' again, this time decorated for my daughter's 2nd birthday. You can see I added a Christmas tree on this porch for the season. December 08. That year, we did pink and black.
The hot dog cooker was a hit. DH happen to have it at work (his business repairs restaurant equipment) and we borrowed it!
Still not real interested in the cake but look how cute it is w/ the polka dots (and her outfit is matching...tee.hee).
The famous number cookies again...this time in '2' of course.
This 'the porch' again.... and the hot dog cooker. It's my son's 1st birthday and it was January 09. Decorations are in yellow because I did Monkey 'theme'.
Opening gifts.
His cake. More polka dots. Love them!

And my little birthday angel.......
And he, too, wasn't interested in his cake. Oh well.
Aweeeeeeee isn't he cute!?

Thanks for stopping in! Good luck planning your next event!

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The Ericksons said...

Love the idea of the cut out number cookies. I may have steal that idea from you. I will give due credit though!