Friday, July 10, 2009

A 'redo' of such.....

I redid a Thrift Find and a space in my house. I wanted to share with you.
I got interrupted posting my 'redo' for this:
Apparently, my daughter found a 'TURTLE Mommy!' and I had to come see! It's now her pet turtle in the yard! named Mr Turtle.

Now, back to my post....crisis turtle in the house avoided!

First, here is the space I redid. You saw this and more in the room here when I took part in Kelly's 'Show us where you live Friday-Dens' back in May. Please stop in and visit Kelly's Korner. Sweet girl with a sweet take on blogging.
Anyway, here is the before:

I also take part in Rhoda's Thrifty Find linky party. You can see my whole thrift finds from that party here. Here is my thrifty find 'before'. (I actually scored two of them for $10-no shades though) :

Here is the same space as above, after:

My transformed lamp (sprayed black) with a Walmart shade (looked and looked and couldn't find the 'right one' as a thrift find--those are hard to find thrifty) but it was only $10.

And notice I changed the table in front just a bit too...and even tried my hand at drying flowers. Which worked half way...these turned out some others didn't. oh well.

Hope you enjoy...Oh yeah.....I KNOW the wall behind all this stuff NEEDS painting or something. I originally tried to decoupage it with scrapbook paper but decided the patterns wouldn't match up well. So, I am going to paint the back wall the same color as the room. Which is Sherwin Williams Mannered Gold and it's my most FAV color!!!!

Thanks for stopping in!!!

PS--I found some GREAT finds today on the way home from His House and Good Will. Stay tuned!!!


morethanthestarsinthesky said...

Hi again! Love the redo. Looks very nice. Love your style. You had asked me where I got the iron scroll "H" thingy and I got it at Kirklands for $20. I was so excited because I know Ballard's Designs sells something similar for a lot more.

I was planning on putting it outside between the circle window and the transom window, but it was like an inch to tall. But I do love it above the boys portraits and I can see it all the time.

Thanks for stopping by!


Jenn said...

You are so creative! I used to be. Not sure what happened with all my creativity!