Thursday, August 27, 2009

DIY day-Picture turned to look like an old timey picture

I am joining Kimba, from A Soft Place to Land, in her DIY day.

I am glad she's not particular as to what makes a DIY project since I am including this one. This is something I want to do with several photos haven't completed my true DIY projects and hang them on the walls.
This is a picture of the intake towers for the Saluda Dam at Lake Murray, S.C.
I took this picture a few months ago.
June '09.

And this is after I made it looked aged. Doesn't it look just like an old photo from 'back in the day'? Print it and tear the edges some and Viola!
In fact, you can see some real old photos of them building the lake and dam here.
Don't forget to go over to Kimba's party to see more great ideas!


Jennifer Juniper said...

Just imagine the decorating doors this would open, to create a wall of cool vintage photos. Great idea! Did you use photoshop? Is it a secret? Oh, do tell!

Jennifer said...

How neat! How did you do this?!

Better After said...

Wow, that looks great!

Jennifer Juniper said...

Thanks! Wow, the wheels are turning as I'm supposed to be working on a photo wall in my upstairs hall this winter. The posibilities!

An Accomplished Woman said...

Love how you did that!!!


Cheri Peoples said...

Thank you for letting me know. I came over and signed up. You are one of the ones on my follower list that I can not get to your blog. I don't know how you have your account set up but it does not allow me to click on you and come over. You might want to look at your account so people can find you easier, if having followers is of importance to you. If there s anything I can help you with I would be glad to do so.

Now that I have signed up, I should be the newest person on your list. Can you tell me how my account looks-is it my name or is it my blog name. I am trying to get this all figured out so I can help people know how to make the appropriate changes.

Jenn said...

Wow, that is amazing!

Its So Very Cheri said...

I am at your blog right now and I can see the word followers but there is nothing else there for me to click on. Ughhhh-google is driving me CRAZY