Monday, August 10, 2009

I got an award!

Just dwelling into blogging, I am learning alot about things.
Apparently, you can give and receive awards for your blog.
Such a nice surprise when I logged on and saw that I received on myself.
First, I want to thank Shauna for giving me my very first award.
Secondly, I'd like to thank my family for giving me inspiration for my blog posts. Whether it be posts about my thrifty finds, makeovers w/ those finds, or interesting facts. Like what you ask?
Like this humorous post, this rehab project (have I mentioned how much I LOVE oil rubbed bronze!?) post, and this post recapping last year's events.
Now, back to the award.
The rules are simple. You post about 5 of your current obsessions and then pass the award on to 5 fantabulous bloggers. Simple. Easy.

Here are my current obsessions, in random order:
1. Oil Rubbed Bronze. I HAVE mentioned my love for it right?

2. Blogging. It's really grown on me and what a great way to share things with people. I've also enjoyed reading others' blogs, daily. Can someone hit refresh too many times on the dashboard?

3. Thrifting. Whether it be Good Will or His House (like Salvation Army)--I hit those at least once a week and never come home empty handed.

4. Edisto Beach, SC. We recently got back from there and are SO glad we changed our annual family vacation spot to there. So beautiful and relaxing.

5. My crockpot. I typically cook something in it every Sunday. Meal for that night, and lunches for the week.

Now, here are 5 fantabulous blogs:
1. A Byrd's Nest
A story of a cute little girl and a mom with some neat DIY ideas.

2. Little Green Notebook
Some great DIY projects

3. Chester and Donkey
I just love this girls' thrifty finds and her love for cups and saucers.

4. My Kitty Scraps
More great ideas

5. Jack in the Blog
Mary has an adorable little boy and she is a wonderful mother who likes to deer hunt

That's it. Thanks again to Shauna!


Lysana said...

Yay, Reid! Congratulations on your first award! :)

Kitty Scraps said...

Congratulations on your award! And thank you for thinking of me!

I used to go to Charleston a lot even though it's over a 3 hour drive for me but haven't been in almost a year. I have no one there to go visit anymore so... This year my husband and I went to Hilton Head Island for vacation and had a great time but are still wanting to try another beach destination next year. How's Edisto?

Mary Kate said...

Congrats on your award, Reid! And thanks for thinking of little old Jackeroo and me! Love you!

Jennifer said...

Thank you again for the award - I'm preparing my post right now!! :)