Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Purple Martin Birds-Evening Cruise

I told you about our weekend plans to go out and see the birds here and included a link to find out more about these little birds and how the inhabit our island this time of year.

This was our view over Bomb Island (as it's called) at Lake Murray as we rode up to our spot.

And guess what we saw next!? Yes, that says Ice Cream on the side of the boat!
I've seen it all now! Great idea though. I highly recommend the ice cream sandwiches!

Back to the views and birds.
Amazing view huh?

And they come. Can you see all those tiny specks in the sky? Those are the Purple Martins flying in to Bomb Island.

Straight above our heads.

More flocking to the island.

After most of them get to the island, you can't see them anymore but you can hear them all 'talking' and it's really quite loud, and amazing!
I wonder where they go from here...??
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