Sunday, June 28, 2009

My Thrifty Treasures

So, I am joining Rhoda's Thrifty Treasures again. I think I am early though.
You can check out her blog here. She is very crafty and has a great eye for design.
The tray below is a find from His House for $1 I picked up the other week. I finally got around to turning it into a chalk board and love it. I plan to hang it probably on this wall and remove those wall hangings.
This tray is also a find from a recent trip to Hobby Lobby. It was $3 and I decided to redo it somewhat. I painted over the too bright red with a darker red then painted black on top of that and wiped some off w/ a rag. I am going to clear coat it so the color is brighter then put scrapbook paper on the bottom (the paper is off white w/ gold cursive writing...pretty). Then, I am going to hang in in the kitchen somewhere.
This is the first step, w/ the red
This is the second step after the black I need to get some clear coat so I had to stop. :(
And I plan to put the fleur de lis back on it when I am done.
This is a candle holder (I think) but loved the wicker look w/ metal. It was .70 at Good Will and I think I am going to spray paint it black or leave as is w/ a flower bud in it.

I spotted this bowl at GW too....fell in love w/ the color and the shape. I plan to use it for food until I get a grouping of white pieces for my dining room. It was .70!

I LOVE anything Christmas so had to get this plate. It cleaned up well and was .50!

It's hard to see the tray on the left but it's a silver (not real, of course) and has a tree looking design on it. I am going to spray paint it but not sure what color yet....
and the little mini casserole dish I found was a score I thought. It was .70 and made my Pfaltzgraff made in 1983. It's got a little chip in it but didn't care b/c I love the look, size, and color.

This is my favorite/best find. I have been looking for something like this for G's newly redone room (soon that is). I want to paint it antique white and hang her coming home outfit on there (see the little rod going across where that door is --that door is not attached either so will take it off). I saw this idea somewhere so when I ran across this at GW for .....wait...... .75 I squealed!!!

And here are a few other finds. I loved this basket and it's well made and kind of squared off. $1!
The pink container was $1 also and it came w/ a bunch of kitchen utensils (most of which were wooden spoons--which we LOVE). I may leave it pink but may paint it to go in G's soon-to-be room with flowers in it. You can't see it but it had little bead details around the top...pretty.
The other flat-like 'basket' was .50 and is currently gold but will be repainted another color when I figure out where it is going to go (thinking coffee table w/ magazines on/in it).
Those are my finds for now. I need to get some projects going but just haven't found the time. And I am so addicted w/ thrifting that I am already excited to go by GW one day this week!
And go check out everyone elses thrift finds at Rhoda's. You can see the links here. I get so many ideas and encouragement each week!
Thanks for hosting Rhoda!


PAT said...

Great finds.

I love the chalkboard tray. I'm, hopefully, going to make one of those, one of these days!

~~Carol~~ said...

You found alot of great things! Love the little yellow casserole dish, the chalkboard tray, and that shelf is really nice and heavy looking. It will look great painted white!

Kammy said...

Great finds ! My hubby doesn't like it when I go thrifting cuz I come home with a car load, LOL !
Hugs ~ Kammy

Nicole @ BugaBoos said...

I love all of your finds! Those trays are awesome, love the chalkboard one!

Karen said...

Wow! I'd squeal too for that .75 price tag. Can't wait to see it refabed!

Gwen said...

You got some great finds and super deals!

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hi, Reid, you have been a busy thrifty girl this week! Great finds & lots of little projects to do. I think I'm the only one who hasn't done a chalkboard yet. I might have to cave!

Enchanted Rose Studio said...

What great finds! I especially love the tray. It looks like a good size!

The squared-off basket is darling!

Thanks for sharing!


Carmen said...

You found some great treasures! I have been wanting to make a chalkboard tray but still haven't gotten around to it. Maybe tomorrow. :)

Elizabeth-Plain and Simple said...
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Elizabeth-Plain and Simple said...

Great finds. I love how you turned the tray into a chalkboard. I would never have thought to do that and it looks so nice. I plan to make one and set it on a stand on the counter for my husband and I to leave our notes to each other on. Thank you very much for sharing this great idea.


Mary said...

Great finds, love the chalk board. :O)

Nissa said...

Wow, you found a lot of great items this week!

ThriftyAnnabella said...

Great finds!!

Kim said...

Great finds! And thrifting is addicting.

Courtney said...

You found some great things this week. I can't believe that shelf was .75 cents. The GW's on this side of town are getting expensive. I wish we had a His House over in the NE.

Christina said...

Wow, you found some really great things. I love your tray turned chalkboard and like the red tray too.