Saturday, May 9, 2009

A new entry into the book that I need to write.....

You may or may not know but I am a leader at a local electrical company, in Customer Service. I have to admit, I DO love my job. I love many aspect of it and one of them is the neverending 'surprise factor' of it........

So......... Here is the latest.
I may just decide to post random weeklyblogs about such of things from my week. We'll see.
Until then, please enjoy the recent activities in La Petite Academy:

This is a VERY real and very crazy conversation between me and an employee:
Let's call said employee 'N'.
Preface: 'N' comes to my office first thing this morning (thankfully it's first thing). She has, in hand, a piece of paper (she's flashing it in my face as she sits down, it says 'XX Medical center....') and one bit container (that looked like > a Tide bottle) in a big plastic zipper bag.
Ok, now for the real convo....
N: (in a REAL fast tone) "I need to come in after 11am tomorrow b/c I have to drop off my collection then I'll come in and stay late (she's part time) to make up my time."
Me: "Repeat that please."
N: "I need to go to XX Medical Center at 11 tomorrow to drop off my collection that I have to do for the next 24 hours." (and she moves like she's going to stand up and leave!)
Me: "Wait!, N-what does this mean for you at work?"
N: "It means I need to collect my 'pee-pee' for the next > 24 hours and go turn it in tomorrow at 11 and I'll be in after > that to make up my time. Is that okay?" (SO many things wrong w/ this statement)
Me: "Um. Where do you plan to store this container? (WHY do I entertain this question? I think for entertainment purposes)
N: "In this container, in this zipper bag, under my desk."
Me: "ummmmm-N- I am thinking it is best to send you home. Take care of whatever you need to, and I'll see you after 11 tomorrow."
N: " Reaaaeeeellllyyyy?" (whiney voice)
Me: "Yes. What do you think I should do?"
N: "Well....I don't know...I hate to miss work. I did think twice about it this morning but thought it would e ok."
Me: "Well, think about it, N. This is a professional environment and you need to think about your Co-Workers and the sanitary reasons why this should not happen."
N: "But you don't think if it's kept under my desk, away from everyone, it would be okay for today? By-the-way, there is no 'pee pee' in here yet."
Me: "No, you need to go home. And thanks."
N: "ok! See you tomorrow! Bye!"

I later found out that these 'collections' need to be stored in the refrigerator!!!!!!!!!!!
OMG, gag.
These things only happen to me!!!!!!! Seriously!
Now tell you want a weekly post about the funny things that happen to me at work?

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The Ericksons said...

All I could say as I read it was OMG! Justin had a briefing a couple of months ago on safety, and I always remember what the speaker told them,"Everyone has an assigned Stupid-look out for him". That was yours for the day! Good thing you seem to have a good sense of humor about it all!