Monday, May 4, 2009

Not me! Monday....MckMama style!

I decided I needed some therapy so there goes nothing!

Welcome to Not Me! Monday!

This blog carnival brought to you by MckMama.

If you 'know' me and some of you do, you know that by Sunday evenings I am almost mental. No offense there but seriously.....having Irish twins at home surely does make me crazy some weekends.

I most certianly did NOT allow Gracie to color with markers so much and so long that she got bored and started coloring the counters. Nope NOT ME!

I absolutely did NOT allow Corbett to go most of the day Sunday in the same diaper because he screams at diaper changes and it breaks my heart. Nope, NOT ME! That would be ludicrous-who would do such a thing!?

I most certainly did NOT drop the babies off at my moms house so *DH and I could enjoy a day on the lake, adult style, even though her daughter kept saying 'go on boat Mama'. After all, that would make me a mean Mama, right? Did I mention we would NOT, under no circumstances, drop them off BY BOAT at my moms. That would make me an even meaner Mama, right?
(she looks all excited to be on the boat....Nope, NOT ME!)

And I most defintely did NOT bite DH's head off because he was a little extremely late getting back from helping a friend move. Nope, NOT ME! That would make a mean Mama also a mean Wife and that would be absurd!

*Dear Husband

Now....don't we all feel better!!??

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Mary Heiss said...

Isn't it therapeutic? I love it, Reid! Apparently, we both have the same thoughts about diaper changes!