Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A quick blog about Gracie

I've been thinking of registering her for a gymnastics class this summer. as if I don't have anything else to do
I was nervous how she would 'do' in that environment and if she would really 'play'. Well, the daycare has the 'Fun Bus' come to the school once a week. You can read about the Fun Bus here. I thought it was a neat concept and have seen the kids enjoying it for several weeks now. I decided to try Gracie on that first. The price was reasonable so I went for it.
The 8 week session started yesterday.
I couldn't wait to get to daycare to ask them how she liked it. I guess they weren't too excited about seeing my baby girl play on the bus for the first time like me. *sigh*
BUT, I did find at least one teacher who said she watched her playing. She said Gracie was nervous at first but got on the bus. She said she enjoyed it and was playing and laughing. Maybe one Monday I can get there early enough to see her myself.
She got off the bus and said 'I had fun!'
Apparently, they come and get the kids who have paid to get on the bus, out of class. They stamp their hands and put a 'Fun Bus' sticker on their shirt.
When I picked up Gracie yesterday, she came running up to me and said 'I had fun on da-bus! I got sticker! MY sticker!'

And when Daddy came home, she proudly showed her the sticker. I enjoyed this moment b/c Daddy wasn't liking the idea of me registering paying for her for the Fun Bus.
And, I'll have you know that when I changed her into 'jammies' she wanted that sticker on her jammie shirt too. I suppose it's still there. Mental note to check that before washing.

Lastly....and not that I post every day.....I will be out of town after today. We're headed to the Beach until Saturday. No kiddos, adults only please! I can't believe it...we're so excited but I know I will miss my kids. Corbett pulled up all by himself yesterday so I'm quite sure he'll be walking by the time I get back. Not really, but that's how it made me feel.
I do, however, plan to get a 'Let's see your house Friday' post ready before I go and post it Friday whenever I roll out of bed and link it to Kellys Korner.
This weeks' room is the nursery or kids room. Should be interesting as mine looks like Once Upon a Child exploded in there!

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CharleyJax said...

Reid, We take the boys to tumbling, and I can tell you that it's been a mixed reception. To me, it was important to get them in an environment that was more structured than they usually encounter. But the activity and noise level can really be too much for Jax, especially, to handle. Last week, he had a complete meltdown, as did I, and we left early with me yelling at him. (Not good.) So, before you enroll her in something else, I'd check out the environment and make sure that she is compatible with that environment. If we do it again, we'll try a different Y where there won't be as much noise from other classes in the same gym.

AND... have a BLAST this weekend. And be CAREFUL!