Saturday, May 2, 2009

We Lake'd it again today.....

We LOVE the lake.

It's Lake Murray (S.C.) and it's called the Jewel of South Carolina and you can read about it here.
Usually we take the WLKs (Well Loved Kids) but today we needed an adult day on the lake. So, we loaded them on the boat, and then dropped them off at Dey Dey's (my mom, who lives on the lake-how nice).

Gracie was all excited to get on the boat and didn't want to go to Dey Dey's......
"I want to stay here!"
Humph.'Bubbie' LOVES the boat...he was nearly asleep before we got out of the 'No Wake' zone.

Ended up meeting some friends of ours on the lake -- Chris and Tasha. They just got their boat! whoohooo Tasha!

Picked up WLKs from Dey Dey's after being caught in the rain on the water. Nice. Not.
Here's Gracie on Dey Dey's bed, watching Dora. Not wanting to come home now. "I stay here!" Humph.

Another great day at Sea Sir!............

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