Thursday, May 28, 2009

I need to update on some kid stuff...

Since I want to try to use this blog to record milestones for my kids and because I've been terrible about updating their baby books, I really should update some things they babies are doing.
Daughter, "G", is 2.5 years old.
She is in, what some call, the terrible two's but really, they aren't that bad they are terrible!

Her vocabulary is exploding and it's so cute! If I am upset (not the crying kind, but frustrated kind), she notices and says 'What's wrong Mommy?' (in broken G-language of course). She tries to take care of 'Bubbie' (and I've yet to understand WHY she calls him that but she came up with it and it's sticking it seems).

She has a full set of teeth and she loves to use them. She's eating non-stop and won't eat anything green (I wonder where she got that from!?!) I have tried to give her green things but she says 'not like!' and pushes it away. The only thing she will eat green are these. Go figure.

G is also now FULLY into TV. She never cared about TV until around 18 months but here we are. She LOVES Dora the Explorer. It's cute annoying at times.
Everything is 'MINE!' and 'I do it!'

She LOVES shoes and she can pick out her own shoes (and they match the outfit I've DH put on her) and knows which shoe goes on which foot. She takes them off and carries them with one hand, held together (paired correctly) and puts them up. Can you picture it!?!

Also, she's a neat freak! She's all about putting something in the trash, putting up dirty clothes, and closing doors/cabinets. I really hope this lasts!!! And wonder where she got that from.....hmmmmmmmm... :)

Then there is Son, "Cman". He is 1.5. Yes, I have Irish Twins. Yes, my life is nuts. Yes, I'm a nice and controlled insane mother most of the time. But, it's my life and I like it...Wait!?! Maybe not a good reference there.
Cman has had his share of struggles over the last year. If you want to read about that, go here.
Otherwise, we're moving forward and concentrating on the milestones he has crossed and where we are today. I'll add that he was a 6 week preemie so developmentally, he's behind.

Corbett has three teeth (they aren't fully in but are 1/2 way).

He is crawling all over the place now and we're so shocked every day/time. Of course, this happened when we went out of town to the beach. Nice. MOTY.

He is still on formula (Doc's orders b/c of his weight) but is eating some baby food.
Recently, he started forming 'mama' and 'dada' and it's music to our ears!

And one of our new things is waving 'bye-bye' which consists of little fingers being curled (not actually waving)'s so cute and so welcomed!
He uses that wave also as a 'gimmie that'. I'll fix his bottle which he loves-will be he$$ to get him off of it and he does his little wave until you give him his bottle.

I hope his favorite therapist, Jenn, has seen these things.

He still only weighs around 17 lbs and that is our main concern. Let's hope he starts to eat 'real' food or we'll be guided to a Speech Therapist. Great.

I think that's about all for now but this is likely to change or need updating weekly the rate they are changing and growing. It's so scary yet rewarding!

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