Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I remember..........

Today is again a day of reflection.

Why? You ask?....

Well, it's because it's official--WE HAVE A CRAWLER!!!
I can't believe it.
I remember, in the months after he was born, thinking he would never crawl.
Heck, in the beginning, I remember thinking he wouldn't even drink a whole bottle on his own.
I remember so much of the 'bad' memories, I'm trying to focus on all the new things he's doingand learning and hope I remember these as well. So, I'm trying to blog about them so I'll have them since I've been terrible about keeping up w/ his baby book (and his sisters). *sigh*

Anyhoo---I walked in daycare (namely the baby room) today and the owners, several teachers, and even several parents were standing all around in a circle. Of course I was nervous b/c I wasn't quite sure what one of my kids had done, although wouldn't be surprised (they keep said daughter in the baby room w/ Bubbie alot of the time, or used to).

Much to my surprise.....My son, my miracle, was CRAWLING!!! Yes, crawling! And yes, he's 15 months but he's been so behind it's not even funny but expected being a preemie.
He crawled all around the room, even not wanting to come to me! He was so proud! It was so cute!
AND, he's really doing 'Peep-Eye'!!! Seriously, I am totally shocked and happy. It's surreal and it's great to see him crossing some milestones that we've been waiting for. I had his sister beside me and looked down and told her to 'watch out!' now! He's a grabby little fellow so he's going to be into everything. EVERYTHING. (as if he isn't already)

And as I recap, reflect and rejoice, I just want to say to never give up hope! NO.MATTER.WHAT!
I remember my son as the preemie, but I also remember him NOW as the crawler!

Anyway---just had to blog about it and today that was the hot topic.
And stay tuned to Friday's post which will be the viewing of my den the next episode of Cribs, Anderson style.


Mary Heiss said...

YAY! Way to go, C-Man! All of your Auntie Ya's are so stinken proud of you, little man!

Nice work, momma!

Isn't it amazing what we remember? I remember a lot of this, all too well, Reid, but I am so damn proud of you and C! :)

The Ericksons said...

How wonderful for your family! That is great he is coming along so well!!!