Thursday, June 4, 2009

In honor of my Hubby, recently named 'AC' on here and other places

So, you probably know my hubby's real name but recently he acquired the nickname 'AC'. It stands for Angelic C(first letter of his name). Some really close friends have reaffirmed to me that it is, in fact, angelic so I thought I would post about his 'awesome-ness', or just a few examples. :)

I just wanted to post to give kudos to AC and tell you what all he does for me/us:
  • changes all diapers (for the most part) for both babies.

  • changes clothes (morning and night) for both babies.

(are you dying yet?....just wait....)

  • 'bath time' for both babies, every time. (I can count on one hand the baths I have done)

  • Cooks meals, and most of the time cleans (It's usually my job to clean the dishes but he normally does it, in the end).

  • Vaccuming. yes, he cleans. I do the bathrooms and laundry, but he vaccums and mops the floors. Oh, and he also does the cat box.

  • Yard work. I never do yard work-scared of snakes (as we have them).

(I know, I know---the listing is going on and on)

  • Puts the kids to bed at night.

  • puts gas in my car (although he's relaxed on this one and I don't complain, afterall he's AC)

  • lets me have internet time (email, Fbook, and blog) and he takes care of the household duties. For example, he is currently washing dishes didn't I say this was MY duty above~?!?!? while I blog b/c I said I needed to 'get something out'.

  • and lastly........he gets a MOW (Medal Of Wifey) because if when I have a RantNRave, he calmly 'weathers' it and then asks, " what can I do to help you?".

Yes, he's a Saint, and yes, I love him DEARLY! And, NO!, you can't have him!

He's my AC...........for as long as he'll have me


Michelle said...

WHAT?!!?!?!!?? OMG!!!!!!!! Honestly, I don't know what to say, my jaw is on the floor!!!!!!!

Mary Heiss said...

That's why we call him AC, Reid! He truly is a gem...and one in a million...and I am SO glad and SO happy that YOU, my darling, were blessed with him! Love you!

The Ericksons said...

God Bless his mother for raising him right! A job well done I'd say! Or kudos to whoever helped him be this way!