Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A random post and small update on our Summer so far...

I, again, have been bad about posting. I really need to post more in order to record my kids' activities!
That said, the kids have continued to learn and grow.

Corbett has really been crawling all around. I know he was doing that the last time I updated, but he is a REAL mover!!!

He is also eating alot more baby food, which is a good thing. (sorry no pic of that...we're too busy trying to get him to eat to think about cameras.)
He is trying to form words now and I swear he said 'thank you' (or a form of it) the other day. He can wave bye-bye.
He loves to crawl/follow his sister and I can't wait until he is walking Lord help me and they start to play together. She tries to pick him up, take care of him, feed him, gets his paci. It's totally cute.
Isn't this a cute picture of my little man?

Gracie is just an explosion of words and sentences!
She comes up w/ the oddest things to say and do.
And she seems to be getting more of a Mama's Girl YAY! and at night, she wants me to 'sit!' right beside her on the couch while she watches Dora.
If you say 'ouch' or act like you don't feel well (which we rarely do, but I think it's a 'thing' with her) she will look at you all serious and say 'what happened? Got owie? Kiss it make better' and will kiss whatever is hurt, or your face.
She still doesn't like to wear hair bows and I am beside myself. I SO looked forward to dressing up a little girly girl and I think I've got a tom boy. I wonder where she got that from!? I mean, she does like dresses, but hates HATES her hair brushed.
This was from Sunday...she liked the outfit but ended up taking the bow out of her hair. This was the only picture I could get of it in...and yes, she's sitting on a cooler. Ahhhh MOTY award here.

She's replace the ever so cute 'tee-ta' (thank you) with 'thanks' (that's right, no Thank You-just 'thanks'), but hey at least she says it.
And I recently taught her to say her prayers at bedtime(yeah, we're late on this one). She is so cute doing it too. She'll fold her little hands and try to repeat after me, but she only says the last word of every sentence. :)
And she adores going on the boat! She'll even pick that over Dey Dey's house (my moms house).

We've spent almost every Saturday on the lake and that will probably continue until we head to the beach in July. We can't wait! Should be much more interesting w/ two mobile babies this year! Oh, and Gracie did finally get in her pool the other, asks to put on her 'babing suit' and go 'swimmin'.

And here is a picture of my Hyndragea (favorite flower) and just so happens mine is doing well this year (every year really). The bush much bigger of course, but wanted to show you a glimpse.I got another one for Mother's day but it's still adapting to being planted but looks like it will do good also.

That's all for now..until Friday when we show our next rooms for Kelly's Korner.

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