Monday, June 22, 2009

My Weekend Treasures

Or really, mostly Thursday and Friday's treasures since I never make it to an actual yard sale.
These are finds from clearance isles mainly.

I am joining Rhoda's weekly deals post for the first time. You can see all about her lovely taste in decor here. I stumbled upon her a few weeks ago, and have been watching her blog ever since. Great ideas can be found there!

Now, more about my treasures. (And sorry in advance for poor pictures. I was playing w/ my new lens, and obviously don't have the hang of it. I finally resorted to my other one...)
First up are these little lanterns I found at Big Lots for $6 each. They weren't on clearance but I've been looking for some for a while now and these were the cheapest I've seen. I love that store for some reason....crazy.

I found this platter at His House for $1. It's not real, of course but that is ok because I plan to paint the inside with chalk board paint and hang it in the kitchen. Hubby has already gotten wind that I will be writing love notes to do lists on it.
And another poor quality picture but hope you get the gist of it. Cute little red and gold frame found at TJMaxx for .............. .70!!

More TJ finds....
The letter 'A' wasn't on sale but I had to have it since I have an addiction to them and this one was in red.
The metal wall hanging was $3.
And there's the little frame again.
Here are my Target finds. I just LOVE when Target puts things on clearance and I go NUTS when I see those little red tags.
The long picture was $10.
And those little wall hangings were .......... $1.48 each! I got two different looking 'sets'.
The three on the bottom will go together (somewhere) since they are like pictures.
The beachy one (upper right) will likely go in Son's room and the other four will go together somewhere. Those four are scenes from old doors, which I just love, with a pop of worn red.
Love them!

Closer up on those little ones.

And here is my favorite find. Admittedly, it wasn't found this weekend, but had to include it since it was such a great find.
You won't believe it.
No, really, you won't.
It was free. Yes, I said FREE!
And it was found in Lake Murray
We are habitual 'trash-picker-uppers' when we are on the lake. One day, we came up on this and though it was drift wood--much to our surprise when we raised it out of the lake. I couldn't believe how good of a condition it was in! Of course my daughter promptly claimed it as 'MINE'.
That is fine--that was my first thought when finding it. I will probably paint it to go along w/ her new room decor (when we decide what that is).
Thanks for stopping in and feel free to leave a comment-I love hearing from everyone!


Courtney said...

I found your post through Rhoda's and I noticed you said "Lake Murray"-I live in NE Columbia and I also know Lorien from your sidebar. We used to go to the same church. Small world!

Enchanted Rose Studio said...

You have some fabulous finds there! I love the freebie...great rocker!

Thanks for sharing!


vwestermeyer said...

what great finds!! And small world ... my brother in law lives on Lake Murray!!

Beverly said...

That rocker is gorgeous--aren't you lucky! Thanks for stopping by my blog and especially for leaving a comment. I love comments!

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Reid, so nice to meet you & glad you joined the party. Love YOUR thrifty finds too, even if you got them at some of our fave stores. I love Big Lots & Target too. Gotta pick up the deals where you find them.

fanzy-pants said...

Oh good stuff! I love the red A. I’m always on the hunt for a big K (My fiancĂ©e and both have K names) but have not found one yet. If I ever do find one not too sure where I would put it. I too love Target!

K Lynne Designs said...

Everything that you got is so fabulous! I love those Target picture tiles - I have been eying them up every time I go!

I love the red A, and the rocker - what a great steal!!

I also really love the shape of the silver platter you got! It is so beautiful :). I painted a plastic/silver one I had lying around here with chalkboard paint and I really like the way it came out.

Thanks for the tips on what to do with the cheese platter and for leaving such a nice comment on my blog!