Tuesday, June 16, 2009

This is the first time I have joined on Rhoda's Thrift Finds. I typically don't go to yard sales, although would like to and have held one before so do I qualify? Hope so.
And I don't go to yard sales because we are normally sleeping in. I take advantage of that sleep when our babies let us.

But, I did manage to go by Hobby Lobby at lunchtime and scored alot of clearance items. I just love power shopping at lunchtime or when I get to grab a solitude hour or so without said kids.
So, this isn't all I got (some were already in a 'tried space') but here we go:
*The little framed glass letters were on sale and $2.50 each. The 'G' is for daughters room and the 'A' is for me/us when I remodel a bathroom or kitchen.
*It's hard to see, but I got a red and gold tassle (it's large) for $5. Location yet to be determined
*The little black scroll looking square things are about 4x4 and have a mirrored back. I got them for $2 each and am thinking of hanging them at an angle and not squared (that's how they are wired)
*There is a burlap canvas wall hanging there. Has a black scroll design on it and I got it for $6. A little high but I know the perfect spot for it when I redo a room.
*Next, the little 'basket' that the A is in was $2 and looks kind of like rough bamboo and I plan to paint it a fun color that will go w/ daughter's room when we redo it (soon).
*My next piece is one of my favorite. It's the glass and 'black metal' little urn looking thing behind the 'A'. I am thinking of putting it in my bathroom w/ cotton balls or Qtips in it (or the new bathroom we're building). Score for $7.
*And for this picture, lastly, and you can't see them well....two little plates in the back. They are black and white and I got them for $2.50 each, on sale. One is square and one is round. I LOVE these.
Sorry didn't get a closer pic of things! Ignore the stack of junk in the background...I am already packing for the beach in a few weeks!
This is one of my favorite things I found today so it gets it's own picture. It was $10 and the most I paid for anything but I just fell in love for it! I rearranged some things in my kitchen and put it out immediately. I put hid some leftover Easter candy in here...shhhhhh...
Oh, and you can see my kitchen here. It's terrible but for now, it's ours. We do want to remodel it one day soon I hope.

I can only imagine the finds I would score if I DID go to yard sales!
Thanks for stopping in-feel free to give me your feedback!

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Mary Heiss said...

I DO go to yard sales, all the time and get GREAT finds! Nice work, Reid! :)