Thursday, June 18, 2009

My new 'do'.....

I know everyone that cks this blog will have seen a picture by now but had to share my new hair do w/ the blogging world!
This is a picture taken a few weeks ago, outside. You can see how dark my hair is and the highlights I got last year are pretty much gone. And it has grown so much that I keep/kept tucking that front part behind my ear.
And this is after my new do on Tuesday. I really wanted something different and I think I got it. This is a self portrait inside so the colors look out of whack but you get the jist. I went shorter, did major highlights and got a few bangs. LOVE it and LOVE the bangs (I was nervous about this part the most).

What do you think?
Surprisingly enough hubby likes it.
And most people say it makes me look if I needed to look any younger! (you'd be surprised to know how old I really am- if you don't already that is)

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The Ericksons said...

LOVE IT!!!! Absolutely flattering!!

Michelle said...

Awesome!!!!! Makes your eyes look great too! Love it!

K Lynne Designs said...

I *love* the highlights and the cut looks great!