Friday, June 12, 2009

Show us where you live Friday...Bathrooms....aka trainwrecks here

So, for the most part I am not excited about showing you my bathrooms, BUT I have shown you every other room disaster of my home so here we go....

Thanks to Kelly's Korner for doing this every week. What, o what, will I do when it's over!?!?!
Anyway, off we go.........
I'm started with my worst bathroom. And, I will preface this by saying that all bathrooms are wallpapered and I dislike hate that. This bathroom is upstairs and is in between the babies' room and my step son's room. The babies have not used it yet as step son has claimed it mainly for him. But, once he is moved to our rennovation, I plan to clean really well and redo it.
The wallpaper is thin striped tan and off white

This is from inside out. Lovely fixtures huh? (you'll see this common element throughout...ugh)

Ok, now back downstairs where things are a tad less hidious. Just a tad.

Looking into the guest bathroom from the foyer. Again, wallpaper. Again, hidious fixtures. All gold tones. Can we say DATED!?!?

This is the same bathroom but from the opposite view. Very small but that's ok.

Ok, here is where you will say 'Ewwwww'. This is our Master Bath. While it had some good features, it has it's share of bad.
For starters, the G-G-Gold ...everything! I hate this shower but for now it will do. This view is looking into the bathroom from our bedroom. Love the roomy-ness? Us too! It's THE plus!

Here, I am standing in the bathroom, near the shower you saw above. Now, get this....the sink faucets are gold tones, and the light fixtures are silver...AND retro. NICE! (NOT). Can we say DATED!?! I did replace the cabinet hardware a few years ago b/c they were all gold and it drove me nuts..although I don't know why b/c as I type this, I realize my kitchen is gold too!!! Ugh.
That door opens to our walk in closet that I will spare you of. (my side is neat! :))
And this is Hubby's side of the sinks
This is my side. OOPS....I see I need to replace a light bulb. Making a mental note to do that! :)
What is that you said? Where do all these doors go?
Well, the one in the middle is the closet as I said before. The next one (from left to right) goes into our toilet 'room', and the last one is our linen closet IN the bathroom...LOVE this and LOVE all our room in here.

This is the tub area. I purposely didn't do a close up or brightly taken pics. It needs some TLC and the faucet is really bad here. This is where we bathe our kiddos so there is also toys and bath colors crayons spread around the area.
BUT, we love our tub or we did before kids.

Ok--that is it until next week! Any suggestions you have for me as to what to do WHEN we DO get to upgrade, let me know. Our plan is to redo or upgrade all of time.
Thanks for looking and please leave a comment if you visit...thanks!
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Tiaras & Tantrums said...

I love the big bathroom too!

Sonya said...

very nice!! It looks so spacious. I am jealous!!

pumpkinpatches said...

LOL after posting my pics I noticed I needed to replace a light bulb too LOL!! Your bathrooms are nice and big!!! Thank you for sharing.