Friday, June 19, 2009

Show us where you live Friday-Room of choice

Kelly at Kelly's Korner is doing another session this Friday. I just love Friday's because of this and normally 'walk' away from these tours very inspired and normally spend my lunch hour rummaging through thrift stores instead of going to the gym. Terrible for the body, but good for the soul!
I don't have an additional room that we haven't covered or will cover so I am chosing to include a few pictures of my new tablescapes in my dining room and breakfast area. I got inspired by some folks and decided a change was in order so here we go.....
If you will recall, my dining room was the same, but the tablescape was different. You can see the old set up here.
I fell in love with white/creme colored plates recently and I stumbled upon some at TJ Maxx that were on clearance. Hubby thought I had lost my mind when I came in w/ all those plates. You can see a close up later. And I found the candelabra on clearance also at TJs ($7 and candles were on sale at Hobby Lobby for .25 each!)
Another view. I have another runner that is black and white but didn't change it out because I wasn't sure how it would look and didn't feel like moving the candelabra because I had just gottent he candles somewhat straight. I really don't like the gold now. But, both runners were $7 at TJ's too)
Here are the plates I got. The larger one is technically a charger (b/c they had an inbetween size plate but I only got one those and plan to hang a collection of white plates on the wall). The smaller one is so cute. It technically wasn't from the same lines, but if you know me, you know I like mis-matched things!

A close up of the glasses. I LOVE these glasses. They were my grandmothers and as I was searching for a pretty glass to set out on the table, I spotted these in my china cabit. Perfect! I love shopping but when it's at my own house it's even better!

And this is a shot of my breakfast area. You can see the old set up here.
I haven't found the right dishes yet, but hope to find some 'rustic' type dishes (and hope mis-matched and in different colors) to put on here. Odd placemats huh? I found these at Ross on clearance for $2.59 for two. The 'wicker' bowl came from Hobby Lobby and was 66 % off, priced at $7.99. Now, what should I put in here?? Right now, is some random fruit I got the other day, but I would like to keep something in here but not sure what.

Hope you enjoyed my mini makeovers!


Lori said...

Love those plates...I may have to go looking for those!

Creekmore's said...

I love the giraffe print placemats!

Marie said...

Love your dining room photos! And those animal print placemats are fabulous!